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Climate costs, ski area expansions and poaching


Study challenges pesticide link with bee colony collapse

Honeybees may be dying from ingesting remnants of insecticides, but that in itself may nor be causing the widespread colony collapse being observed in many areas, according to new research published in the journal Science.

Study: Many nuclear power plants in tsunami risk zones

The Fukushima disaster might not be the last time a tsunami damages a nuclear facility, according to a team of Spanish researchers who there are a total of 23 nuclear power plants at various stages of operation or construction in high-risk areas.

Colorado biologists planning statewide lynx assessment

Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists say they’re close to finalizing a plan to monitor the state’s lynx population by assessing habitat occupancy. If successful, the strategy would enable researchers to determine whether the population of endangered wild cats is sustaining itself over time.

Climate: Ice-free Arctic ahead?

SUMMIT COUNTY — Despite a steady trend of melting Arctic sea ice, experts with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration aren’t yet willing to make any predictions as to when the region will be completely ice-free during the summers.

Colorado: Elk poacher hit with $11,500 fine

SUMMIT COUNTY — A West Virginia man will pay an $11,500 fine for poaching Colorado wildlife. The fine includes a $10,000 penalty that applies when trophy-quality wildlife is poached — in this case a 6×6 bull elk taken on Devil’s Thumb Ranch property in Tabernash earlier this month.

World Tourism Day focuses on sustainable energy

SUMMIT COUNTY — In an era when reducing greenhouse gas emissions has been targeted as a critical priority, it’s more challenging than ever to reconcile tourism with environmental concerns.

Climate: El Niño stalls, outlook uncertain

SUMMIT COUNTY — This year’s El Niño is likely to be one of the weaker versions of the event in recent memory, according to experts with the National Climatic Data Center, who discussed the fall outlook and reviewed the long, hot summer at teleconference last week.

Global tourist visits on track to pass 1-billion mark

FRISCO — Travelers from some of the world’s biggest countries helped spur global tourism to a new record level during the first half of 2012, keeping the industry on track to pass the 1-billion mark for the first time this year.

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World Tourism Day focuses on sustainable energy

The Colorado ski industry has done very little to address its massive environmental impact, including significant greenhouse gas emissions and unsustainable use of water.

Colorado tourism industry lags on environmental front

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — In an era when reducing greenhouse gas emissions has been targeted as a critical priority, it’s more challenging than ever to reconcile tourism with environmental concerns.

Some parts of the tourism industry are big contributors to climate change, including energy use in lodging facilities (think of all the laundry and dishes being washed on a daily basis), as well as transportation, especially automobiles and passenger jets.

In the face of those impacts, some of the minor efforts by the industry seem almost insignificant, but at least on a global scale, tourism leaders are thinking about how to boost the use of sustainable and renewable energy in the sector.

The World Tourism Organization has faced accusations of trying to greenwash tourism, but the global body has taken a few concrete steps toward promoting sound environmental policies. Continue reading “World Tourism Day focuses on sustainable energy”

2011 World Tourism Day all about linking cultures

World Tourism Organization announces photo, Twitter contest winners

The first prize photograph in the 2011 World Tourism Day contest features two Korean women celebrating 'HOLI FESTIVAL' (in such a way at India, welcoming the spring) with a Indian woman in Indian style at Tagore's House in Kolkata. PHOTO COURTESY WTO. Click on the image to see the rest of the photos.

By Summit Voice
SUMMIT COUNTY — With World Tourism Day coming up next week (Sept. 27), the United Nation’s World Tourism Organization has announced the winners of its social media contest, which sought five images and the five tweets that best illustrating how tourism links cultures.

As millions of people travel the world each year, the interactions between individuals and communities, and their diverse cultures, leads to tolerance, respect and mutual understanding – the building blocks for a more peaceful world.

The winning photos, featuring Korean women celebrating India’s Holi festival and a young tourist backstage at the Chinese Opera Theater, alongside a selection of finalists, will be displayed as part of a photo exhibition in Aswan, Egypt, the host of the official WTD celebrations, while the tweets will appear on all WTD promotional materials.

“It is extraordinary how a simple photo, or just 140 characters, can highlight what makes our sector so special: its ability to link the cultures of the world,” said UNWTO Secretary-General, Taleb Rifai. “We are very encouraged to see the level of participation from all around the world in these competitions. The winning entries clearly show how the millions of people travelling each day are coming into contact in ways previously unimagined.” Continue reading “2011 World Tourism Day all about linking cultures”

Tourism: ‘A force for a more tolerant, open and united world’

Dylan Berwyn and his newfound Jamaican friend, Andrew, a lifeguard who took Dylan for a night snorkeling excursion, an experience that he'll cherish for his lifetime.

World Tourism Organization holding a Twitter and photo contest to help celebrate this year’s World Tourism Day 

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Global tourism, Twitter and social consciousness are all coming together in a campaign by the World Tourism Organization aimed at promoting World Tourism Day on Sept. 27. This year’s theme is focused international cultural links, and if you think you have the short-form Twitter chops to tell how tourism links cultures, you can participate in a Twitter contest.

To enter, simply compose a Twitter message (maximum of 140 characters) and post it to the micro-blogging service with the #WTD2011 hashtag. World Tourism Organization officials will judge the contests, and the messages from the winning tweets will appear on the official World Tourism Day website and promotional materials for the official celebrations in Aswan, Egypt.

The deadline for tweets is Aug. 31 and tweets can be submitted in English, Spanish, French, Russian or Arabic. Continue reading “Tourism: ‘A force for a more tolerant, open and united world’”

Hug a tourist – it’s World Tourism Day!

A conference in Guangzhou, China, host city of World Tourism Day 2010, is focusing on the role of sustainable tourism in protecting global biodiversity

The World Tourism Organization is focusing on environmental sustainability and the protection of biodiversity on this year's World Tourism Day.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — UN officials say resort communities can have their cake and eat it, too, as they try to balance tourism promotion with environmental sustainability and biodiversity concerns on World Tourism Day. To underscore its efforts, the UN’s World Tourism Organization presented two reports at a high-level tourism meeting in Guangzhou, China, the official host city for this year’s World Tourism Day.

The first report sets out ten recommendations for governments, international organizations, the tourism sector, and non-governmental groups on integrating biodiversity conservation in tourism development. Key points include implementing best practices for avoiding and minimizing negative impacts of tourism on biodiversity and  and promoting investment in ecological infrastructure.

The second document is a practical guide for the development of biodiversity-based tourism products, with guidelines for local tour operators and product developers. Recommendations include training programs and monitoring of natural areas in order not to damage habitats and species. Continue reading “Hug a tourist – it’s World Tourism Day!”