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San Antonio missions may get World Heritage status

Outposts were early milestones in the colonization of North America

Concepción Mission, San Antonio, Texas. Photo courtesy National Park Service.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — A group of four historic Spanish missions in San Antonio, preserved as a national historic park, will be nominated to become World Heritage sites.

“The missions represent an important – and often overlooked – chapter of our nation’s history,” said Interior Secretary Ken Salazar. “It’s important that visitors from around the world know and celebrate the contributions of Latinos to the fabric of America, and these missions help tell that story in a very real way.”

Salazar made the announcement in early June at the historic Mission Concepción as he continued to push President Obama’s  Great Outdoors initiative. More so than any other president in recent memory, Obama and his team of public land agency leaders have focused on establishing a 21st century approach to conservation. Continue reading “San Antonio missions may get World Heritage status”