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Global warming to spur invasive Australian ‘sleeper’ weeds

Karoo thorn is a tree in its early stages of establishment in Australia but it has the potential to be a serious woody weed. PHOTO COURTESY COLIN WILSON/CSIRO.

Invasive weeds expected to move southward

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Global warming may shift the range of invasive weeds in Australia by hundreds of miles and awaken so-called “sleeper weeds,” according to scientists with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization.

Plant experts warned at the end of March warned that resource managers need to be prepared for big changes in the coming decades.

Invasive weeds already cost Australia more than $4 billion (Australian) per year either in control of lost production, and, like elsewhere, displace native habitat and species. Continue reading “Global warming to spur invasive Australian ‘sleeper’ weeds”