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Morning photo: Got light?

Mountain joy!

You can think of this handful of mountain shots from the Summit Voice archives as bowl of eyecandy on this Saturday. From winter wave clouds at sunrise to summer rainbows, the brilliance of mountain light is always something special. Visit our online gallery for more images from the Colorado high country.


Morning photo: Cloudscapes

Colorado skies

FRISCO —Usually November is the best time to spot the great wave clouds that build up over the Continental Divide. But there’s a secondary season in March, when once again, upper-level winds shift. As those great rivers of air meet the wall of the Continental Divide, the sky often blossoms. This set includes a few shots going back into winter, but most of the images are from the past few weeks, showing the transition of the seasons. For daily photography updates, follow our Instagram feed, and visit our online gallery for an amazing selection of prints and greeting cards.

Morning photo: Sunday set

Sky shots, mostly …

FRISCO —Some lovely January days recently, with a bit of a thaw, although it’s far from being a total meltdown. Summit County has been on the ragged fringe of the storm track the past few weeks, which is good for photography (maybe not so great for skiing). But it means that we get wave clouds stacking dramatically over the high peaks – check out this Instagram timelapse video to see how they move – and gusty winds help fill in some of the many tracks criss-crossing the snowfields, creating the visual illusion of pristine.

Cloud flow

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Morning photo: Mountain magic

Wave clouds

A wave cloud sunrise over Dillon Reservoir and Keystone Ski Area.

FRISCO — Great wave clouds the last few days enhanced the morning and evening light, making for some great photo ops! The clouds form when high-elevation winds stream directly toward the mountains and the air is pushed high into the atmosphere in a standing wave, similar to a wave in a river — because that’s what it is, a standing wave in an atmospheric river of air. Pretty hard to explain unless you see a good timelapse video like this one. Check out our daily photo feed on Instagram and visit our Fine Art America online gallery for more landscape shots from Colorado. Continue reading “Morning photo: Mountain magic”

Morning photo: Season of light

October skies

Sunday morning brought a layer of skim ice to edge of Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — By now, I shouldn’t be surprised when the skies light up on these early October mornings. Autumn brings wave clouds along and over the Continental Divide, and when the sun lights those clouds from beneath, it’s pure magic. And along the shores of Dillon Reservoir, there are hints of the season of frost, ice and snow that’s just around the corner. Here’s what it looked like Sunday morning. Continue reading “Morning photo: Season of light”

Morning photo: Surreal sunrise

Better and better …

Blossoming wave cloud over Summit County.

FRISCO — The lack of snow is still a bit disconcerting, but Mother Nature has been making up for it with some stellar sunrises and sunsets. Monday was the first time in quite a while that there wasn’t a wave cloud in the morning or evening, which gave me a little time to go back and sort shots from the last few days. None of these shots are Photoshopped, but the second image (Peak One) is an iPhone shot processed with an Instagram filter. Some of the sunrise shots are intentionally underexposed, which helps bring out the full richness of the clouds. Continue reading “Morning photo: Surreal sunrise”

Morning photo: Weekend wonders

More wave cloud action

Sunrise … on the rocks.

FRISCO — At this point, I’m ready for some heavy overcast gray skies and fluffy snow, just like everyone else. But given the lack of clouds and precipitation, I’ve been enjoying the series of stunning sunrises and sunsets we’ve seen in the county the past few weeks. A persistent wave cloud over the Continental Divide has delivered some stunning colors and wave shapes, and as much as I’ve photographed them during the past few years, I never get tired of the scene. To the undiscerning eye, they may all look the same, but every single one has subtle differences, both in color and in the pattern it creates. Continue reading “Morning photo: Weekend wonders”