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Morning photo: More …

Super Summit!

Hunter’s moon rising over Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — OK, so I didn’t manage to get a good shot of the eclipsed moon this morning. It was mostly obscured by clouds, but I did watch the lunar orb emerge from the Earth’s rusty shadow from the deck. That means I’m looking forward to seeing all the pics of eclipse streaming across the interwebs this morning. Even without the eclipse, there have been a few dramatic moments in Summit skies the past few days, including the first real wave cloud formation, a sure sign that upper level winds are shifting toward fall and winter conditions, and the last few remnant patches of autumn leaves. Continue reading “Morning photo: More …”


Morning photo: Super Summit!

Weekend beauty

Sunset over the Continental Divide.

FRISCO —Squeezed in amid the bustle of a busy weekend, we managed to get out for a few sunrise and sunset strolls with dogs and cameras — and we’re glad that we did. The classic November wave cloud formed over Grays and Torreys peaks, two 14ers along the Continental Divide, lighting up the sky both at sunset and sunrise, developing colors that are almost indescribably rich. All in all, a good weekend for photography in Summit County! Check out our online gallery at Fine Art America for more landscape images. Continue reading “Morning photo: Super Summit!”

Morning photo: Best of October

Classic Colorado …

October skies over the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO —October is definitely one of my favorite months for photography in the Colorado high country. Along with the changing leaves, we usually get our first snowfalls, and the shifting hemispheric weather patterns often bring spectacular wave cloud formations over the Continental Divide. Frost and ice start to form along streams and lakes, and sometimes we even get warm, summer-like days. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the past few weeks. Please visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscapes. Continue reading “Morning photo: Best of October”

Morning photo: October skies

Colors of autumn

A disintegrating wave cloud leads to a spectacular sunset over the Meadow Creek wetlands in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — The seasonal shift in weather patterns often leads to the formation of wave, or lenticular, clouds over the crest of the Rockies. The pattern is most common in autumn, but also occurs in winter and less frequently spring, when stable, fast-moving air flows over mountains or other barriers oriented perpendicular to the direction from which the upper-level wind is blowing. The formation of the clouds often leads to colorful sunsets and sunrises. While they look like they’re standing still, the clouds are constantly dissipating and reforming, with strong winds flowing through them. The clouds are often associated with strong turbulence, so even though they’re pleasing to photographers. pilots are not always happy to see them. Continue reading “Morning photo: October skies”

Morning photo: Brilliance

Color hunting

Structure in nature is evident in the growth of ice crystals on autumn leaves near the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — The day started with a pretty sweet sunset, with a thin wave cloud over the Continental Divide adding texture and color to the sky. A short dog walk near Heaton Bay yielded a fun shot of some morning frost, which seems to form fully just in the last few minutes before the sun hits the ground. And I also managed to get just a wee bit closer to the Clark’s grebes that have been feeding in the bay for the past week or so. The wave cloud lingered through sunset, book-ending the day with a brilliant sunset. Continue reading “Morning photo: Brilliance”

Morning photo: Skyscapes

The golden hour (or sometimes that magic minute)

Dawn light.

FRISCO — I hadn’t downloaded the pics of my Nikon DSLR for about 10 days, but after a quick shoot during Wednesday’s sunrise, I knew I had a couple of worthwhile shots. In a pleasant surprise, I found a few more images from the past week or two that weren’t quite as bright as the spectacular wave cloud, but still decent images of late fall, including the full moon setting over Buffalo Mountain. Continue reading “Morning photo: Skyscapes”