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Sens. Udall and Bennet bash house for cutting Colorado aid

Protecting post-fire watersheds a key goal for Colorado’s U.S. senators. Photo courtesy U.S. Forest Service.

Funds for watershed restoration and protection cut from disaster relief bill

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — The refusal by the U.S. House to fund disaster relief for Colorado communities hit by wildfires raises an equity issue, according to Sen. Mark Udall (D-Colo.), who said Americans from different regions must help each other when it comes to bouncing back from natural disasters.

“I am exceptionally disappointed that the House stripped out wildfire relief from this disaster assistance package,” Udall said. “But the House’s lack of action won’t stop us. I plan to continue to find any means available to secure help for Colorado. The Colorado wildfires occurred more than six months ago, well before the Hurricane Sandy emergencies, and should not have to continue to wait to be addressed. I plan to continue to remind Washington that we are all in this together.”

An amendment he and Sen. Michael Bennet introduced in the Senate would have restored funds for  communities in El Paso, Larimer, Teller and Weld counties to repair their drinking water infrastructure damaged during the 2012 wildfires. Continue reading “Sens. Udall and Bennet bash house for cutting Colorado aid”


Summit County: June workshops focus on water

Our Future Summit June workshops focus on water.

Expert panels to discuss watershed protection and restoration

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — With roaring high country streams and waterfalls as a backdrop, Our Future Summit this month will focus on a series of panels covering watershed protection and stream restoration.

The first session is set for June 9 (7 p.m. to 9 p.m.) at the Summit County Community & Senior Center, County Commons in Frisco. One of the big questions os whether our communities can afford to focus on watershed and community protection at the same time.

The panelists include: Chuck Rhoades, a research scientist with the US Forest Service; Don Kennedy, with Denver Water; Eric Howell,with Colorado Springs Utilities; and Jeff Lukas, with the Western Water Assessment. John Stednick, a Colorado State University professor and water expert has also been invited. Continue reading “Summit County: June workshops focus on water”