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Sunday set: Snap!

Point-and-shoot …

Using a camera can be serious business, documenting war crimes, environmental destruction, or solemn ceremonies. But it can also be a form totally whimsical, in-the-moment recreation — let’s call it visual play. In that spirit, here’s a set from the streets of Vienna.


Morning photo: Spring in Vienna

Downtown Wien …

It doesn’t take long for Vienna to wake from its winter sleep. Just as soon as temperatures get into the 50s and 60s and the sun peaks out a little, cafes set up their outside tables where people huddle around even if they still have to wear a winter coat. In the parks and town squares, flowering trees add splashes of color to the neighborhood scene, and ping pong enthusiasts can strike up a friendly game in the park near the Flakturm. But keep your umbrella handy because April showers are not uncommon in the Danube metropolis.

Morning photo: Skyward …

More #windowseat love!

A few more aerial views, just because looking at the world from above is so cool. The air was filled with a wintry haze during a recent flight to LA, but with a little editing I was able to bring out some of the detail in the Denver cityscape, and a black and white edit of the mountains helped sharpen the image a bit. It was also fun to see the giant jets at Heathrow all lined up, looking a bit like toy planes. Just a couple of hours later, our flight path took us along the mighty Danube for the approach to Vienna, spread out and gleaming in late winter sunshine.

Morning photo: Market goodies

Tis the season …

It’s getting to be that time of year, around the world, and Vienna is no exception. Many city streets are lined with small wooden booths selling Christmas goodies. Sure, there’s plenty of junk, but a few treasures to be found, as well. Call me cheesy, but a snowglobe with the Prater Riesenrad definitely makes me feel warm and fuzzy, a vibe that can be enhanced by a steaming cup of hot, spiced wine, some glowing candles and perhaps a slice of pumpkin cake, or a spicy sandwich topped with grated horseradish — trust me, it’s good!

Morning photo: Streetscapes

Urban scenes around the world

Shoppers stop to chat in downtown Corfu on a rainy evening in the Ionian Sea.
Shoppers stop to chat in downtown Corfu on a rainy evening in the Ionian Sea.

FRISCO — Being a mountain-dweller, I often “forget” to take pictures when I’m in a city. Sometimes it’s because I’m just too busy gawking at the — for me — unusual sights. That mode changes when I’m traveling for pleasure, however. Instead of thinking about the next interview with a source, or trying to cook up an interesting story leead, I shift gears and look for those moments or street corners that say something about a city. So choosing pics for this week’s popular #FriFotos Twitter chat was a bit more of a challenge than sometimes. When I first saw the theme, I scratched my head for a minute, unsure of exactly where to look in the archives. But since I often think of cities as transit points or portals to other destinations beyond, I was able to retrace my steps and find a few urban shots. Join the fun — grab your urban shots, upload and tag them with #FriFotos to share with the world. Continue reading “Morning photo: Streetscapes”

Morning photo: Blue

From the Danube to blueberry pie …

The blue Danube, from the stern of a hydrofoil racing downriver from Vienna to Bratislava.

SUMMIT COUNTY — We’ve done the yellow and the red, so there are only a few primary colors left, and blue is next in our series of color-themed photoblogs. It’s amazing how many shades of blue there area when you really start looking, and rather than picking out blue objects, I looked for images that had an overall blue cast.We’re always looking for guest photographers to share images, so if you have a few photos you want to share, please contact bberwyn@comcast.net. Continue reading “Morning photo: Blue”

Morning photo: Random travel moments

Always keep an eye on the horizon

On the beach. Click on the image to read about the World Heritage dunes, as well as the mystery meat and talking bumblebees of Texel Island. PHOTO BY LEIGH WADDEN.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I know, it seems random, but sometimes, that’s what travel is — a series of random moments, linked together in a journey through space and time. Kind of like life, if you think about it. Following are a few more random scenes captured as Leigh and I rambled through Europe on trains, ferries, buses and on foot. Some of the photos link to specific stories, and others are, well, just … random, but you can always visit the Summit Voice travel section to get inspired for your next journey. If you have a random travel photo, or even an photo essay with a theme, that you’d like to share, send it to bberwyn@comcast.net. Continue reading “Morning photo: Random travel moments”