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Morning photo: Harbor scenes

Sail away …

The harbor in Ushuaia, Argentina. Ours was the smaller, blue-hulled boat, and we were thankful.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Long before railway stations and airports, intrepid explorers set out on their adventures from seaside cities where the port was the center of commercial, civic and cultural life.

In many coastal towns, harbors are still the hub, with roads and train tracks radiating outward to carry goods to inland destinations. It doesn’t take much in the way of imagination to conjure up exotic destinations when you’re standing at a quay looking at ships flying foreign flags. So it was fun compiling a few of my favorite harbor shots for #FriFotos. Join the fun by uploading your favorite harbor scenes, tagging them with #FriFotos and join in the Twitter conversation.

Dusk falls over the harbor of Cassis, France.

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Morning photo: Townscapes

Around the world with Summit Voice

Old Town Corfu, a world heritage district.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I often view cities and towns merely as portals to the countryside beyond, but some towns have a distinctively pleasant aura, inviting travelers to linger and explore. Some are well-known tourist havens, others are obscure settlements that just happen to be at a rail crossroads. Here are a few recent favorites from the Summit Voice travel archives.

The old town square in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Morning photo: Whimsy

Monday morning smilies

A friendly pup in Ushuaia, Argentina.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Enough with the scenery — alright, already! Yes, I love landscapes, but I also like to point my camera at animals, especially dogs and penguins — every now and then. As I compiled this short photo essay, I realized how much life is in these pictures. It kind of made me decide to go out at least once every week or so and concentrate on some more informal portraits. So, here are just a few morning pictures to maybe make you smile on a Monday morning. Continue reading “Morning photo: Whimsy”

Morning photo: Capitals

City scenes

Streets in the heart of Luxembourg emptied suddenly during a summer downpour. In the original version of this photo the sky was washed out and some of the brightly colored modern street signs in the foreground didn't quite mesh with the ancient buildings, so I sepia-toned the image and played with contrast and saturation to create a warm scene. Thanks to all the great #FriFotos tweeps, this picture picked up a couple of hundred views on Twitpic.

SUMMIT COUNTY — This week’s #FriFotos theme was capitals, and pictures from cities around the world streamed through the popular Twitter chat. The theme was a challenge for me, because Leigh and I generally avoid big cities when we travel. Often, the only time we visit the larger towns is because we have to to make a connecting flight or train. That doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy them when we’re there — we do, but prefer to spend time in smaller, cozier villages or the countryside. Nevertheless, we always marvel at the multicultural hustle and bustle of places like Buenos Aires or Vienna — and they’re always good for people-watching and photography. Continue reading “Morning photo: Capitals”

Morning photo: Tierra del Fuego

The southernmost national park in the world

Lago Roca in Tierra del Fuego National Park Argentina.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I’ve taken many more snow photos in the past few days, as Old Man Winter rolls on in Summit County, but I thought I’d give it a break, so I’m featuring Tierra del Fuego National Park, the southernmost park in the world. Leigh and I visited here after a 10-day sea voyage around Antarctica, and the verdant scene was a welcome change from all the ice and snow — sort of like when spring finally arrives here in the high country.

On the shores of Lago Roca, with heavy rainshowers moving in.

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Morning photo: Critters

Let’s work together to protect the Earth’s biodiversity

An ant takes shelter from the sprinkler drops under an open blossom at the Berrt Ford Alpine Gardens in Vail, Colorado. Click on the image to see a story about the gardens. This was the first day that I started to discover the fine macro capabilities of my point-and-shoot Fuji Finepix compact digital camera.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A short riff through the digital archives uncovered a few decent images of wildlife, including some of the amazing creatures that make their home in Antarctica, one of the most inhospitable environments on the planet. Plus, penguins are just so darn cute! All these images are for sale at the Summit Voice online Imagekind gallery. More pics after the break … Continue reading “Morning photo: Critters”

Travel: Beagle beer and friendly huskies in Ushuaia

Sunrise in the Antarctic Sound, February 2009.

Ushuaia, Argentina is the gateway for sea voyages to Antarctica, but the harbor town at the tip of South America is worth a visit in it own right

By Bob Berwyn

Sipping a Beagle beer at the Banana Bar in Ushuaia, Leigh and I contemplate the trip ahead. If everything we’ve heard about the Drake Passage is true, we figure this may be our last pint for quite a while.

We’re about to board the M/V Professor Molchanov for a 10-day adventure cruise to Antarctica, and the formidable weather of the Southern Ocean is on our minds. Unimpeded by land, the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans all mingle in a circumpolar maelstrom of waves, current and wind. It can be rough — very rough, according to the guidebooks and blogs of previous Antarctic voyagers. Nearly everyone gets seasick during the crossing, we read. Alcohol may not be the best idea, but despite the warnings, we chug the last of our brews and head for the pier.

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