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Study: Carbon nanotubes can be toxic to aquatic life

Carbon nanotube schematic, courtesy the Wikimedia Commons.

Researchers urge caution in manufacturing, stepping up waste management oversight

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Carbon nanotubes, valuable for strengthening industrial and recreational products, can kill aquatic organisms, according to University of Alaska and U.S. Geological Survey researchers, who said it’s important to guard against release of the materials into the environment as the materials enter mass production.

“The great promise of carbon nanotubes must be balanced with caution and preparation,” said Baolin Deng, professor and chair of chemical engineering at the University of Missouri. “We don’t know enough about their effects on the environment and human health. The EPA and other regulatory groups need more studies like ours to provide information on the safety of CNTs.” Continue reading “Study: Carbon nanotubes can be toxic to aquatic life”