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Mesa Verde NP seeks to cut damage from stray cattle

‘Plan to control ‘trespass’ livestock in the works

Spruce House at Mesa Verde National Park. Photo courtesy NPS.

By Summit  Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Increasing incursions by so-called trespass cattle at Mesa Verde National Park have prompted the National Park Service to solicit public input on a plan to curb the damage to public resources.

According to Park Superintendent Cliff Spencer’s Jan. 17 scoping letter, there about 100 to 150 trespass horses in an on the border of the park, with trespass cattle numbering about 10 to 20 per year.Park scientists have documented what they’re calling severe impacts to archeological sites, native vegetation, and soils.

Trespass livestock has also been documented out-competing native wildlife for water sources, and damaging park facilities. There have also been dangerous confrontations reported between trespass livestock and park staff and visitors. Continue reading “Mesa Verde NP seeks to cut damage from stray cattle”