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Morning photo: Treeline!

‘Shroom hunting in Colorado

Evening vista in Mayflower Gulch, Summit County, Colorado.
Evening vista of the Tenmile Range, Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Aug. 31 is a bit late for the peak of the mushroom season in Colorado, but after a stream of rainy days, we headed up high, near treeline, to search for fungi. In some of the moist, north-facing draws along the rough road into the Tenmile Range, we found a profusion of mushrooms, as many as 10 species in a square meter, including funky corals, puffballs and tasty wild agaricus, an edible variety closely related to grocery store mushrooms.

Seeing the mushrooms at peak season, bursting through a living tapestry of moss and lichen, makes me realize how big a part of the forest life force these humble fungi really are, locking carbon deep in the soil and helping the trees, old and young, absorb nutrients from the thin Rocky Mountain soil. Continue reading “Morning photo: Treeline!”


Colorado: Incoming storm will up the avalanche danger

The avalanche danger is rated as considerable on wind-loaded slopes at higher elevations Sunday, but forecasters with the CAIC expect to raise the danger later today or tomorrow as a windy storm barrels in from the northwest. Click on the image to get the latest info from the CAIC.

Several recent slides reported from East Vail, Vail Pass area

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Forecasters are keeping a close eye on an approaching weather system that could drop one to two feet of snow across parts of the north-central mountains and up the avalanche danger early next week. Gusty winds out of the northwest could add significant wind slab to slopes above treeline.

See the special advisory statement from the CAIC here.

As of Sunday morning the avalanche danger is rated as considerable near and above treeline on north through east through southeast-facing slopes, with the potential for triggering wind slab in many areas, especially on cross-loaded slopes and gullies. Of special concern are persistent weak layers in the upper part of the snowpack, including surface hoar layers that formed during recent cold spells. On other slopes the danger is rated as moderate.

You can follow the CAIC’s forecast for your part of Colorado by clicking here.

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