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Mind-mixing in Breckenridge

Town sets up new online engagement forum

Breckenridge, Colorado. Bob Berwyn photo.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Along with offering opportunities for input during formal settings like town council meetings and hearings, Breckenridge is reaching out to residents with a new  forum designed to let people brainstorm in a casual online setting.

The new website, EngageBreckenridge.com, lets residents and visitors chime in on topics currently being discussed by the town council, like a potential ban on single-use plastic bags, and also lets people throw out new ideas. For example, one recent discussion thread centers on the idea of an indoor playground. Continue reading “Mind-mixing in Breckenridge”


Drought watch: Breckenridge to ban fires and small fireworks

Continued drought prompts Breckenridge to take additional steps to try and avoid a fire start.

Ordinance would enable mayor to ban in-town burning and fires by proclamation

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —On top of Stage 2 fire restrictions on National Forest lands and a statewide fire ban enacted by Gov. Hickenlooper, the Breckenridge Town Council may vote to give Mayor John Warner the power to ban fires on public and private lands within town limits.

According to police chief Shannon Haynes, the imminent threat of a destructive wildfire justifies the move. In a June 20 memo to the town council, Haynes wrote that extremely dry weather conditions are expected to persist and even worsen in the foreseeable future.

The council will discuss the emergency ordinance at the June 26 meeting. Passing the ordinance would give the mayor to immediately issue a proclamation. The order would be lifted when it’s determined that the severe fire threat has diminished. Continue reading “Drought watch: Breckenridge to ban fires and small fireworks”

Back-room politics before Lowe’s vote in Silverthorne

Looking down toward the site of a proposed big-box retail facility, now home to an abandoned car dealership, as well as a small patch of cottonwoods, aspens and willow wetlands.

Council member Dave Anderson says his honor has been called into question; accuses town staff of  ‘character assassination’

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Tensions are rising in Silverthorne over the upcoming vote on the Lowe’s proposal, as town council member Dave Anderson said he’s been asked by another town council member to recuse himself from the vote because of a potential conflict of interest.

The town council is set to vote on a final site plan approval for the planned mega-retailer Wednesday evening. Backers say the sales tax revenue will stabilize town finances.

Opponents of the Lowe’s plan say the new store will create more problems than it solves, adding to traffic woes and possibly putting some local stores out of business. At the least, those critics say the town should impose a moratorium until the issues associated with the Lowe’s proposal are more thoroughly addressed. The plan has already been subject to multiple reviews by town planners and the planning commission.

Anderson is a part-owner of Neils-Lunceford, a landscaping and nursery operation — and just one of many businesses in town that would be affected by a new big-box retailer. He said the suggestion that he wouldn’t give the Lowe’s proposal a fair hearing is a direct attack on his integrity, and he’s not happy about it. Continue reading “Back-room politics before Lowe’s vote in Silverthorne”