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Happy Thanksgiving!

Greetings and gratitude from the Rocky Mountains

Sunrise over Dillon Reservoir, Thanksgiving morning.
Sunrise over Dillon Reservoir, Thanksgiving morning.

FRISCO — I’m so very grateful for all the loyal longtime Summit Voice readers and supporters — too many to name — and for new readers. Enjoy the environmental news feed again starting tomorrow and help spread the word about independent environmental journalism.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you, Summit Voice readers

Sunrise along the Snake River, near Keystone, Colorado.

FRISCO — In between turkey and football, take some time today to count your blessings and to cherish your family, friends and loved ones. Thanks for reading Summit Voice and for caring about the environment!

Food: Gluttony without guilt at Thanksgiving?

The Mobile Chef touts moderation and offers up some leftover recipes

The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth By Jennie A. Brownscombe (1914)
Spiced green beans make a good and healthy Thanksgiving side dish. PHOTO BY TOM CASTRIGNO.

By Tom Castrigno

The table was beautifully set. It was so alluring that I lost all control. The sin of breaking one of my rules for healthy eating had been committed long ago. My intention to stop eating when I felt two thirds full was but a hazy memory.

Now, three plates into Thanksgiving dinner, I had achieved gluttony. I was prowling the buffet line for my next fix. Nobody wants to take the last bit of a dish and draw attention to their overeating. By its nature turkey day is all about abundance. The meal lends itself to excess; with two varieties of potatoes, rolls, and stuffing, a carbo overload is inevitable. Continue reading “Food: Gluttony without guilt at Thanksgiving?”

Food: The Mobile Chef finds the best deals in Summit County

Stock up on holiday specials

Brussel sprouts with fennel seeds. PHOTO BY TOM CASTRIGNO.

By Tom Castrigno

This time of year, grocery stores are getting busier by the day. Many of them are pulling out all the stops for storewide sales, so let’s jump right in and see what pops out this week.

Safeway has bags of fresh green beans in a buy-one, get-one-free sale — perfect for a spiced green bean side dish this Thanksgiving. You’ll also find a 12oz. bag of whole cranberries for $2.50. Garnet yams are $.48 per pound. They make a great alternative for breakfast seasoned with Garam Masala and topped with yogurt. Celery as a side dish? At only $.69 per pound I’m all for it.

In the grocery aisle Best Food mayonnaise is $2.99. I have been shocked at how much the price has risen in the last year, often as high as $5. This is about as low as I’ve seen it lately. O Organics canned beans are $1.25 each. They are perfect for making your own humus, rice and beans, or huevos rancheros for a light supper. Shoppers looking for gluten-free items will like Sesmark Rice Thins, only $2.39. Continue reading “Food: The Mobile Chef finds the best deals in Summit County”

Food: Talking turkey — and sides — with the Mobile Chef

Try some new sides with your Thanksgiving meal this year

Indian-style cranberrty chutney will spice up your holiday meal. PHOTO BY TOM CASTRIGNO.

By Tom Castrigno

The turkey appeared to teeter precariously on top of the wood pile, two stories above the icy sidewalk. It was my first attempt at grilling a turkey and I had set the partially cooked bird aside so I could add more coals to the Weber.

When I came back in from the balcony, my friends all said, “if that turkey took a ride, you would be over the railing, too!”

I might have made them nervous, but I knew our dinner was safe.

Grilling a turkey requires indirect heat, so I placed a foil pan with some soaked hickory chips beneath the bird and arranged coals around the pan. If you use a gas grill, it has to have separately controlled burners so there is no flame directly below the turkey. The final result was smoky and delicious. Continue reading “Food: Talking turkey — and sides — with the Mobile Chef”

Morning photo: Totally random

So much to be thankful for …

Every couple of weeks or so, my son and I have a burger night, and we're always trying to fine-tune our recipe to come up with best-ever. I don't remember if this made the top ten, but it sure looks good. I'm so thankful for my family and loved ones and the fun we have together.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Scrolling through the photo files last night and thinking about who might be reading Summit Voice on Thanksgiving made me realize that, nearly every time I take a picture, I have something to be thankful for, whether it’s the scenery, the gift of another sunrise, a great meal, the love of a good woman and son, or just plain getting outside and snapping photos. So I used the rapid-scroll feature on my Mac to speed through my photo files, flicking at random, then picking one image from the screen each time the scroll stopped. So this is my photographic ode to Thanksgiving. More after the break … Continue reading “Morning photo: Totally random”