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Morning photo: Summer snow

Just a dusting … for now

Tundra scene, Tenmile Range.
Tundra scene, Tenmile Range.

FRISCO — Some high drama in the Colorado Rockies this week, as autumn colors started flaming up and several passing storms dropping snow on the high peaks. The first few dustings were confined to above about 13,000 feet, but the level dropped with each subsequent wave of moisture, a sure sign that autumn is on the way. And winter can’t be far behind! Continue reading “Morning photo: Summer snow”


Morning photo: Frosty February

More calendar pics …

February snow blankets the Gore Range in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO —I always think of February as the heart of winter, even though the days are definitely starting to get longer, with the vernal equinox just a few weeks off. But it seems like (and the photos in the Summit Voice archive support this) that the snow always lies deep in February, even in those low-snow years. I definitely have a favorite in this batch and you might be surprised to know which one it is. One of these shots will be featured on the February page of the Summit Voice calendar, and if you have any strong feelings about it one way or another, please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below. If you enjoy our daily snapshots at Summit Voice, visit our online gallery at Fine Art America for more Summit County landscape and nature images featuring the light of the Rocky Mountains. Continue reading “Morning photo: Frosty February”

Morning photo: Sky shots …

A tale of two nights …

Quiet sky glow.
Quiet sky glow Wednesday evening.

FRISCO —Wednesday brought a much more subtle sunset display, at least from vantage point near Frisco, where only a small splotch of color emerged along the southwestern horizon. By contrast, last night’s sunset set the entire sky on fire, 360 degrees. It’s tough to say that one was more beautiful than the other. Sure, Tuesday was super-dramatic, but Wednesday was peaceful and calm, without the seething cloud turbulence. It’s amazing how much difference 24 hours can make!

Some sky!
Some sky, with seething clouds Tuesday night.

Continue reading “Morning photo: Sky shots …”

Morning photo: Peak 1 revisited

“Sometimes the lights all shinin’ on me …”

Late afternoon light slanting in from the west bathes Peak 1 with ethereal light.
Late afternoon light slanting in from the west bathes Peak 1 with ethereal light. Look closely — you can see the pattern of raindrops on the water.

FRISCO —I feel pretty fortunate to have a magnificent mountain in my backyard, and never tire of photographing Peak 1 in its many glorious moods, winter and summer. Monday evening brought an otherworldly sunset glow, along with a seemingly never-ending series of rainbows, documented in yesterday’s photo essay, and that followed a Sunday sunrise that was equally stunning. The light change from day to day, and even minute to minute during the sunrise and sunset hours. All these shots were taken just in the past two days, within a mile of Summit Voice headquarters. Check our online gallery at FineArt America for print quality Colorado landscapes. Continue reading “Morning photo: Peak 1 revisited”

Morning photo: Sky light

Spring clouds

Morning clouds glow on Peak One, near Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO —After a somewhat uneventful winter, at least weather-wise, the spring storms rolling through the area have livened up the skies over Summit County. It seems like the transition seasons, especially March and April, are especially good for colorful sunrises and sunsets. Just the past few days brought some amazing displays of color and clouds. Continue reading “Morning photo: Sky light”

Morning photo: Sapphire Point

Vista point

A full moon, near total eclipse, sinks behind Buffalo Mountain.

FRISCO — It’s no wonder that Sapphire Point is one of the all-time favorite wedding spots in Summit County. The craggy bluff overlooking Dillon Reservoir offers some of the best views in the county, stretching up the Upper Blue Valley to the south, the Tenmile and Gore Ranges to the west, the Lower Blue to the north and even the Continental Divide, with towering 14,000-foot peaks to the east. And in the last few years, logging on the little mountain has opened up the views even more. It’s a fail-safe spot for photography. Sometimes when I really want a good scenic but the light is questionable, I head up Swan Mountain Road and I’m rarely disappointed. Continue reading “Morning photo: Sapphire Point”

Morning Photo: Lake Hill

A go-to spot

Spring sunrise over Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — With all the magnificent, craggy peaks in Summit County, Lake Hill isn’t really all that big of a deal — a small, nondescript bump in the landscape between Frisco and Dillon, marking a local divide of sorts familiar to anyone making the daily commute around Summit County. But even if it’s not the biggest summit around, it does offer some impressive vistas of Dillon Reservoir and the surrounding ranges and, based on my photo archives, a great spot to watch cloud formations develop over the high terrain. I’ve had the pleasure of watching some amazing sunrises and sunsets from the overlook along the trail to Old Dillon Reservoir. It’s become a go-to spot for a quick jaunt when the light is looking promising. Here are a few of the best shots from that location the past few months, dating back to last spring.

We have a great selection of Summit County photos at our online FineArt America gallery. Continue reading “Morning Photo: Lake Hill”