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Weekend headlines

Delegates from 193 countries discussed the global biodiversity crisis at recently ended conference in Nagoya, Japan.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Not everbody is online during the weekends, so we’ve compiled the headlines from the past weekend in this post, starting with a story on ‘gender-bending’ chemical pollution in rivers. The evidence is mounting that remnant estrogen and other traces of endocrine disrupters are seriously impact the ability of fish to breed. Share this post with the social media buttons at the end of the story!



Weekend headlines and top stories

Still some confusion about global warming science ...

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —A lively mix of stories in our most-viewed sidebar today, including a contribution from Matt Krane on visiting with Taos author John Nichols, a winter weather forecast from Grand Junction-based climatologist Joe Ramey and a look at a new Yale study that assesses the state of climate science knowledge of the American public. Click on the headlines below to see what other people are reading at Summit Voice, and don’t forget to use the buttons at the bottom of the post to share the stories on your social networks.

A few more of the weekend headlines …

Weekend headlines

Snow was part of the weekend news, as Loveland and A-Basin fired up their snowmaking systems after cooler temps brought a dusting of snow to the area.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Quick links to the Summit Voice weekend headlines, with interesting stories from the Colorado Snow and Avalanche Workshop, coverage of the global 10/10/10 events to cap heat-trapping carbon dioxide at 350 parts per million and much more. Click the headlines to read the story and share them with the social media buttons at the bottom of each post.

Dust storms implicated in Colorado avalanches

Worldwide rallies held to combat global warming

This land is your land – but not for dumping trash

CDOW to restore popular Grand Mesa trout fishery

Summit Rotarians visit the Climax Mine

Morning photo: Change of seasons

Snowmaking under way in Colorado

State-record 43-lb. catfish caught in Aurora Reservoir

Massive crop failures more likely with global warming

Avalanche pros pow-wow at Leadville workshop