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Summit Voice: Most-viewed & week in review

Climate, avalanches and photography!

The backcountry avalanche danger in Colorado remains high, and Summit Voice readers can stay informed with our regular avalanche updates.

SUMMIT COUNTY — The Year of the Dragon proved a popular topic with Summit Voice readers, who visited this guest post by Eileen Wacker more than 2,300 times. Some social media attention to ongoing climate science coverage helped drive a carbon dioxide-global warming story to more than 2,200 page views, while a pair of avalanche stories also garnered more than 2,000 page views combined. More social media love from a couple of meteorologists with The Weather Channel also helped boost a Colorado skiing photo essay into the ranks of the most-viewed stories.

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Week in review & most-viewed stories

The early winter jet stream tracks favored northwestern Colorado with snow.

Weather, wildlife and the Peak 6 expansion proposal at Breckenridge dominated the most-viewed story list during the last few days

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — A story on the effect of La Niña during the coming spring season was the top story at Summit Voice the past few days. In local news, a series of stories on the Peak 6 ski area expansion proposal at Breckenridge also picked up several hundred views, as did an environmental report on new research in Canada that found traces of Prozac in fish living in the St. Lawrence seaway.

The morning photoblogs continue to be popular with readers, with two editions making the top five list of most-viewed stories. Check out the rest of the top stories, along with some other headlines from the past week by clicking “read more.” Continue reading “Week in review & most-viewed stories”

Week in review, top stories

Harvard researchers say they've found a way to prevent ice buildup without using chemicals.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —Another interesting mix of stories in the ‘most-viewed’ list, with a science piece on the similarities between sea and land predators as the number one story the last couple of days. In the research, biologists found that, just as wolves in Yellowstone influence the behavior of elk, tiger sharks off the coast of Australia change the way dugongs feed in beds of sea grass. Click on the headlines below to read the stories and don’t forget to share them via your own social media networks. I’m also glad the nanotech story made the list. Engineering road surfaces to prevent ice buildup without salt or chemicals would be real progress.

And here are a few more headlines from the past week:

Top stories

What to do with zillions of dead trees? Nobody seems to really know, based on speeches at a recent bark beetle summit meeting at Keystone.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —A nice mix of stories in the greatest hits chart today, including the Summit Voice coverage of the big forest health/bark beetle summit meeting at Keystone, and a story on early season avalanche conditions that got a big boost and about 500 hits in a single day from being posted on some ski-related online communities. Thanks, ski friends! Click the rest of the headlines below, and don’t forget to use the share buttons at the end of the story to repost.

Weekend headlines and top stories

Still some confusion about global warming science ...

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —A lively mix of stories in our most-viewed sidebar today, including a contribution from Matt Krane on visiting with Taos author John Nichols, a winter weather forecast from Grand Junction-based climatologist Joe Ramey and a look at a new Yale study that assesses the state of climate science knowledge of the American public. Click on the headlines below to see what other people are reading at Summit Voice, and don’t forget to use the buttons at the bottom of the post to share the stories on your social networks.

A few more of the weekend headlines …

Most-viewed weekend stories

Gene Dayton celebratiing at the Frisco Oktoberfest. Click on the image for more Oktoberfest coverage.

Global warming ethics, big-box woes in Silverthorne & Oktoberfest coverage ...

SUMMIT COUNTY —Our story about a new book on the moral dimensions of environmental issues quickly jumped to the top of the list Saturday and stayed through Sunday evening. The book, edited by a well-known Oregon State University philosophy professor, is a collection of essays highlighting the moral obligations associated with global warming.

Other popular stories included coverage of the coming showdown over a plan to build another big-box retail outlet in Summit County, a photoblog from the Frisco Oktoberfest and coverage of a recent federal report that identified a new ocean dead zone off the coast of Oregon and Washington. Check out the rest of the weekend headlines below and help spread the word about Summit Voice with the social media share buttons at the end of each post, including this one. Link directly to Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, or share directly via e-mail.

Most-viewed weekend stories

Some of Summit County's mountain streams are pristine, but others are heavily polluted by acid mine drainage from abandoned mines.

Polluted streams, La Niña and coral reef die-off stories garnered the most views from Summit Voice readers

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —Our story about continued pollution woes in the Snake River stayed atop the list for most of the weekend, as Summit Voice continues to explore water issues in the Upper Colorado Basin with sponsorship support from the Colorado River Water Conservation District and the Society of Environmental Journalists.

Globally, a pair of related stories on shifting weather patterns in the Pacific and a massive coral reef die-off in Indonesia were next on the list. With a strong La Niña setting up, water temperatures are significantly cooler than average in the eastern Pacific, but all the warm water has sloshed back toward Indonesia, where researchers say that coral reefs may see unprecedented impacts from warm ocean temperatures.

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