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Summit County: New backcountry ski hut plan gets hearing

Colorado skiers may soon have a new base camp on Baldy, near Breckenridge, as Summit Huts seeks approval for a new hut near Weber Gulch.

Local support letters sought before the Forest Service launches a study of the proposed new hut on Baldy Mountain

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Colorado skiers may soon have a new backcountry destination, as Summit Huts prepares to move forward with plans for a new hut on the flanks of Baldy Mountain, near Breckenridge. A new hut has been in the organization’s master plan for quite some time — in fact, the Summit Huts 1989 master plan envisions as many as seven cabins, with French Gulch identified as a potential area for hut development.

The hut would be built on national forest lands in an area designated for non-motorized recreation under the 2002 White River National Forest plan. The proposed hut site isn’t far from popular ski terrain on the north and west side of Baldy, but it’s separated forest bands and other terrain features.

“The site is known as ‘the Knob.’ It gets a lot of sun and it’s just a short ski to a north-facing shoulder of Baldy with some good skiing,” said Summit Huts board member Jack Wolfe. Continue reading “Summit County: New backcountry ski hut plan gets hearing”


Loud stars and a mysterious Milky Way at Janet’s Cabin

Janet's Cabin was the first backcountry hut in the Summit Huts Association quartet of backcountry shelters. PHOTO BY MIRANDA REILLY.

Skiing and riding on ‘fallen clouds’ in the local backcountry

By Miranda Reilly

On Thursday morning of last week, seventeen of us gathered in the Alpine lot at Copper Mountain to fall off the face of the earth for a few days. At least that’s what it felt like. I suppose in reality we were about to be closer to earth than we could ever hope to be as we embarked on a two night excursion to Janet’s Cabin.

Riding up the lift (Cheating? Nah.) with a snowboard strapped precariously to one foot and a pack that might as well have been full of rocks, I wonder why again I signed up for this, I wonder if I could just forget the whole thing.

For the next three days (it felt longer, yet too short, all at the same time) we tromp through silent woods, glide down ridge lines atop fallen clouds, cook food over flame, crane our necks at loud stars and mysterious milky ways shouting their hellos, until suddenly everything strips away.

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