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2012 water year ends with another dry month

A few wet days in September weren’t enough to make up the year-long moisture deficit.

September precipitation below average at Breckenridge and Dillon; temps slightly above average

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — September precipitation dipped back down below average in Summit County, with Breckenridge weather watcher Rick Bly reporting a total of 1.07 inches for the month, compared to the average 1.47 inches.

The weather year also ends Sept. 30, and in Breckenridge — perhaps surprisingly, given all the drought talk — precipitation ended up at 18.56 inches of rain and melted snow combined, just about 89 percent of average (20.67 inches).

Meteorologists use and Oct. 1 to Sept. 30 year because it matches up better with seasonal hydrological cycles than the calendar year. Continue reading “2012 water year ends with another dry month”


Summit County: Summer rainfall, temps above average

Local area an exception to statewide drought conditions

Summer monsoon rains brought slight relief from drought conditions in parts of Colorado.
Summer precipitation was below average across almost all of Colorado. Graphic courtesy National Weather Service.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — Summer precipitation was a mixed bag in Summit County, with above average totals in July but less than average rainfall in August, as the monsoon rains petered out. Statewide, conditions remained very dry, with the exception of a small pocket of the high country centered on Eagle, Summit and Lake counties, as well as parts of the San Juans.

Breckenridge-based weather watcher Rick Bly reported 4.21 inches of rain in July, well above the average 2.32 inches. That moisture boosted the year-to-date total to 92 percent of average, amazing considering the widespread drought conditions in Colorado. Continue reading “Summit County: Summer rainfall, temps above average”

May precipitation below average in Summit County

Despite a string of storms, the snowpack dwindled to well below average in most of the state's river basins during May.

Snowpack at 58 percent of average in Colorado River Basin; southern river basins all below 40 percent of average

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Despite a string of snowy days early in May, precipitation for the month was .12 inches below average in Breckenridge, where National Weather Service observer Rick Bly measured 1.6 inches of water (average, 1.72 inches).

Snowfall for the month totaled 14.3 inches, compared to the average of 10.9 inches, but usually May brings some rain, which helps boost the total moisture, Bly said. Most of the snow fell in the first 20 days of the month, when there were 11 days with measurable precipitation. Then, somebody turned the switch. In the last 10 days of May, there was only one day with measurable precipitation. Continue reading “May precipitation below average in Summit County”