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Blue River loses gold medal trout stream designation

Low flows, habitat destruction degrade fishery

Summit County Colorado photography
Sunrise along the Blue River in Summit County, Colorado. @bberwyn photo.
Biologists and volunteers count trout in the Blue River just below Dillon Reservoir and the Dillon Dam. @bberwyn photo.

Staff Report

Colorado’s continued unsustainable use water has taken a toll on trout in the Blue River, where Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists have decided to remove the gold medal designation from a 19-mile reach stretching from just north of Silverthorne to Green Mountain Reservoir.

According to CPW aquatic biologist Jon Ewert, unnatural stream flows, sparse aquatic invertebrate populations, low nutrient content and degraded habitat all contributed to the decline of the fishery. The agency said that stretch of the river hasn’t met the Gold Medal standard for about 15 years.

There’s better news farther downstream, where CPW designated a 24-mile reach of the Colorado River, from Canyon Creek, at the mouth of Gore Canyon, to the confluence of Rock Creek, near the town of McCoy, as a new gold medal fishery. In Colorado, Gold Medal status is reserved for state waters that produce a minimum of 60-pounds of trout per acre and 12 trout measuring 14-inches or longer per acre. Continue reading “Blue River loses gold medal trout stream designation”


Morning photo: Fishing!

Licenses for the 2012-2012 season on sale; state fishery experts warn against ‘bucket biology’

Fishing in glassy water at a "hidden" cove along the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Early spring weather might not be the best thing for skiers looking to extend the season, but it could be good news for Colorado anglers looking to get early access to high country lakes and streams.

And with the 2o12-2012 license year just a few weeks away, it could be a good time to make sure you’re ready by buying or renewing your license. The latest fishing brochure, with regulations and other info, is also available where licenses are sold and online at http://www.flipseekpubs.com/publication/?i=99616.

Memorial Day fishing at the Dillon Marina.

Continue reading “Morning photo: Fishing!”

Colorado: Discarded fishing line deadly to wildlife

Tangled fishing line left behind by careless anglers is a common sight at popular fishing spots, and dozens of animals die as a result of this problem.

Tangled remnants of monofilament can be recycled with Berkley

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — It’s been great fun the last couple of years watching my son’s growing enthusiasm for fishing. In the warm part of the year, it’s become an important part of our father and son time. Along with the occasional thrill of catching a fish, we explore new spots and we have time to just sit and talk.

But one thing that’s always bothered me is the tremendous amount of garbage left behind at popular angling spots, especially the easily accessible shoreline venues along Dillon Reservoir. I’ve been harping on this to my son since he could walk and talk, and I’m proud to say he’s become quite the anti-litterbug — to the point that I’ve heard him call out people on the chairlift at A-Basin when he sees them drop a candy wrapper.

Included in that shoreline debris I often find tangled wads of fishing line. In a few areas, it’s become ubiquitous. This is a big problem. Of course, the line doesn’t biodegrade, but even worse, dozens of birds and small mammals get tangled in the line and die every year in Colorado. There’s really no excuse for this. Continue reading “Colorado: Discarded fishing line deadly to wildlife”

Colorado: Vail Pass lakes stocked with big rainbow trout

Stocking trout at Black Lake, near Vail Pass, Colorado.

Reservoirs and lakes offer good fishing while stream flows remain high

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —While high flows have dampened the fishing in many high country streams, anglers are reporting good catches from area lakes.

Vail Pass could be a hot spot after the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District recently  stocked Black Lakes with 5,000 pounds of catchable-size rainbow trout in the past few weeks

This past week, the District coordinated the second stocking of 2,500 pounds of 10-16 inch long rainbow trout into the two Black Lakes. The first 2,500 pounds of trout were stocked on June 21. The fishery supplying the trout says the 5,000 pounds equates to about 2,000 fish. Continue reading “Colorado: Vail Pass lakes stocked with big rainbow trout”

Morning photo: Gone fishin’

It’s not always about what you catch …

Boy and dog, keeping cool on a summer day at Trent Park, one of several stocked ponds at neighborhood parks in Summit County, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Wow! The many fishing pics in the archives made me realize how much quality time I spent with my son last summer alongside local ponds, reservoirs and streams. Often, Kellen came along, which worked out really well, giving me a chance to work wirelessly, as in the photo above, while the boys caught supper — or not. Enjoy the photoblog from some of our favorite Colorado fishing holes and take your kids outside and fishing this summer. It’s one of the few things I’ve found that can compete with the attractive nuisance of video games. Continue reading “Morning photo: Gone fishin’”

Fishing with kids in Summit County, Colorado

Dylan casts into a ‘secret spot’ in one of the many coves along the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

The lure of catching dinner is strong enough to tear kids away from their PlayStations and video games

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Getting kids outside in the age of the internet, Wii, PlayStations and Xboxes isn’t always the easiest thing, even on beautiful high country summer days, when sapphire dragonflies hover over the water and red-wing blackbirds trill from willow branches. But for some reason, perhaps that primal instinct to hunt and gather food for winter, fishing seems to do the job. Once they’ve landed that first splashy rainbow trout, most kids are hooked — and that’s a good thing. Continue reading “Fishing with kids in Summit County, Colorado”