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Morning photo: Light hunting

Dawn to dusk

Morning light slants through an aspen grove on the northwest flank of Tenderfoot Mountain in Dillon, Colorado.

FRISCO — I’m still on a mission to document the ice formations of all the major creeks and streams in Summit County, so this morning, I headed over to Dillon to try and get some shots of Straight Creek, below the town’s water intake. The landscape has changed quite dramatically around the intake in the last 12 months, with heavy duty logging, earth moving and a new culvert. The restoration work around the work site went well, though, and in a couple of years, when new vegetation takes hold it’s going to look good. Just below the intake and culvert, a maze of fallen trees partially dams the creek and sets up a series of small cascades and pools that freezing into fantastic icy sculptures, and before I even got to the creek, I stopped to watch the sunrise slant through an aspen grove on the hillside above. Continue reading “Morning photo: Light hunting”


Drought watch: Straight Creek flows still above 2002 levels

Water monitoring on Straight Creek. Photo by Bob Berwyn.

Low flows could trigger watering restrictions

By Trevor Giles, Dillon utilities superintendent

The main source of drinking water for the Town of Dillon is Straight Creek. Straight Creek begins at the top of the Continental Divide above the Eisenhower Johnson Tunnels, and flows down along I-70 into Dillon Valley. Projects to protect the water quality in Straight Creek include fire mitigation, sediment collection and barriers. Rapid response to hazardous materials spills is also critically important for Dillon’s water supply.

The Town of Dillon shares Straight Creek and the diversion with Dillon Valley Metropolitan District.  The flows in Straight Creek are above levels that we saw in 2002 but they are still 73 percent below normal. Based on historical records we feel that trend will continue into the fall.  The Town of Dillon currently does not have any raw water storage that is connected to the town such as a lake or reservoir. Continue reading “Drought watch: Straight Creek flows still above 2002 levels”

Morning photo: Weird ice

Along Straight Creek …

Melting and refreezing, the waters of Straight Creek form some elaborate natural ice sculptures.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Took the dogs for a walk along Straight Creek and found these strange formations where overhanging roots and tree branches have been coated with layers of frost and ice. It almost looked like the inside of a miniature ice cave. The tones and hues are consistent throughout the series, reflecting the muted light of an overcast afternoon. Continue reading “Morning photo: Weird ice”

Summit County: Help restore Straight Creek

 Work day will focus on building erosion control structures
Volunteers at a 2009 trail-building day

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — The Greenlands Reserve Land Trust and the Forest Health Task Force are looking for volunteers for a June 18 water quality project in the Straight Creek watershed. The project is to build erosion control structures in areas where timber cutting has been completed.

If you are interested, please sign up with the Friends of the Dillon Ranger District by June 16 so that they can get a head count for sufficient tools and crew leaders.

Continue reading “Summit County: Help restore Straight Creek”