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Steep Shots: Gotta have that pass!

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Emily Palm was psyched for the ski season when she had her photo taken for her season pass.

Editor’s note: Summit Voice is happy to once again have Emily Palm contribute her ski column, Steep Shots, every couple of weeks during the ski season. Palm is freelance writer based in Golden who heads up to the mountains as often as she can. Steep Shots also appears in the Fort Collins Coloradoan.

By Emily Palm

Not to hit you over the head with a frying pan of the obvious, but don’t forget the essentials that first day up on the slopes. (I don’t know about you, but the weather has had me thinking about disc golf more than skiing, bring on the snow!)

I speak from experience. A couple years back, I showed up at the A-Basin parking lot sans poles. Had it been later in the season — when you’re not waiting in line with the hordes only to ride up to a crowded death-luge course — I would have womanned up and called it a fortuitous mistake turned day-long “training” exercise. However, it was late October with crusty early-season snow, so I opted for some $7 rental poles.

Another rookie mistake I’ve made is forgetting my ski pass. You can do this a couple times each season, and Vail Resorts will simply print you up one for the day (with ID, of course). A-Basin, however, is a separate entity, so they don’t keep your Colorado Pass information handy, thus charging a $15 “convenience” fee for printing a temporary pass. I get that the workers need to go out of their way to check in with the Vail office to see that you indeed ponied up for a pass, but $15 seems like the Pali Face (steep, that is). When it happened to me, I’d already geared up, journeyed from the Last Chance Lot, and waited my turn at the booth, so I begrudgingly paid for what I thought would be a mea culpa no problema. Well, problema pequeno, if you’re a stingy Betty like me. Continue reading “Steep Shots: Gotta have that pass!”


Steep shots: Spring skiing tactics

Emily A. Palm Mulica

Editor’s note: Today we’re introducing guest columnist Emily A.P. Mulica, who writes on skiing and the outdoors for the Fort Collins Coloradoan in her Steep Shots column. We’re hoping Emily will be a semi-regular contributor, sharing her Front Range perspective on Colorado mountain sports with Summit Voice. Here’s her take on spring skiing.

By Emily A.P. Mulica

The past couple weeks have brought daylight savings, the official entrance of spring and 70-degree temperatures in Golden, leading many a Front Ranger to begin thinking more about boat trips, hiking and other favorite summertime ventures as skiing slips to the back burner.

As more people throw their bikes on the car and leave the planks at home, the road to ski hills gets less congested this time of year. Add in the glorious spring snowstorm and you have arguably the best time of year to hit the slopes. A few tactical changes in the skiing routine can help optimize the spring skiing experience.

Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen
Last Sunday I must have reapplied sunscreen three or four times throughout the day, and people are still commenting on how tan my face is. In addition to the sunscreen lotion, a tin of Dermatone balm is handy, fits easily in the pocket and also offers wind protection. The sun protection factor is just as important as all of your other ski gear, especially when you consider the glare from the snow and the higher altitude. Continue reading “Steep shots: Spring skiing tactics”