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Morning photo: Best of spring 2014

Snowy days …

FRISCO —A few more of our favorite images from 2014, focusing on late winter and early spring, when the deepest snowpack of the years begins its inexorable meltdown. And while most people are enjoying daffodils and tulips, Summit County, at 9,000 feet, usually sees at least one or two snowstorms during the late spring, even down to the valley elevations. Follow our Instagram feed for daily updates, and visit the online Summit Voice gallery at Fine Art America to see more Summit County nature and landscape images.


Morning photo: April snow

Springtime in the Rockies


FRISCO — I’ve always thought spring snowstorms were different. The snow is wetter, and often starts when air temperatures are (relatively) warm. That means the snow sticks to everything, including vertical surfaces, and hangs on even if there’s a bit of a breeze. So, even if the weather turns springlike, that snow clinging to the trees makes it look wintrier than it feels. Here’s what Summit County looked like after a recent April dusting. Continue reading “Morning photo: April snow”

Morning photo: Spring potpourri

Will it ever melt?

Soft serve.

FRISCO — A short set with a potpourri of images from the most recent storm and the early part of the weekend. It’s pretty amazing the way the wet spring snow really sticks to everything. Even if it’s not the dead of winter, it can, like the top photo in the set, look snowier this time of year than it does in December, January or February. Please visit our online FineArt America gallery for a selection of stunning Summit County landscapes. Continue reading “Morning photo: Spring potpourri”

Morning photo: Winter’s last gasp?

Never say never …

North Tenmile Creek, Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — At this point, I’m almost afraid to say it’s the last snowstorm of the season because it feels like it could keep snowing all summer. We’ve had years like this before — old-timers may remember a 12-inch dump up at A-Basin in the early 80s, and we’re in a weird phase of hemispheric circulation that doesn’t lend itself to predictability. But what the heck, snow is beautiful any time of year. It doesn’t really feel out of place here at nearly 2 miles elevation, even though it’s May. In this set, I tried to capture some of the feel of the wet spring snow with some iPhone closeups, which sounds easier than it is. For all its charms, the iPhone camera’s spot sensor can be tricky when you get within a few inches of a subject. Please visit our online FineArt America gallery for a selection of stunning Summit County landscapes. Continue reading “Morning photo: Winter’s last gasp?”

Morning photo: Winter … in April

Springtime in the Rockies

Morning light highlights the texture of fresh spring snow on the frozen surface of Dillon Reservoir in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO —It’s not unusual to get April snows in the high country. After all, when you live at 9,000 feet you have to willing to accept the fact that there are really only two seasons — snow and non-snow. But this year seems a little unusual, especially compared with last year, when spring weather went to the other extreme, with a March heatwave that broke records. The cool and showery weather this month won’t break any records, but it’s been fun going out to capture the late winter scenes around Summit County. Continue reading “Morning photo: Winter … in April”

Morning photo: Yes, more snow!

Just another day …

Robins returned to Frisco on a snowy spring day.

FRISCO —A typical spring day in the Colorado high country, starting with bright sunshine, but by 10 a.m. the sky turned gray and heavy and by noon, thick graupel was falling from the sky, signaling the start of a small spring storm that dropped a few more inches of wet snow in the area. It’s kind of weird to see snow falling from the sky and watching it melt away off the ground at the same time, but I guess it’s just the nature of the season. Continue reading “Morning photo: Yes, more snow!”

Morning photo: Finally …

Spring snow

The Summit County recpath between Frisco and Dillon.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Just when we thought it was over, Mother Nature played one of her typical spring tricks on us, unleashing one of the best snowstorms of the season just as most of the major resorts in the area closed. But don’t put away those skis just yet — A-Basin is still open and reported a 14 inch storm total, bringing the base up to a respectable 46 inches at mid-mountain.

I’m happy that I had one more chance to shoot some snow scenes down at the valley elevations, and the wet spring storms are great because the snow sticks to everything, piling up on branches and fences, lending the landscape a wintry look. Continue reading “Morning photo: Finally …”