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Ski gear recycling program to expand

Old boards, boots being re-purposed

Your old snowboard may end up somewhere other than the landfill, thanks to an expanding recycling program spearheaded by SnowSports Industries America. Bob Berwyn photo.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Thanks to some grant funding from Colorado and the persistence of industry partners and stakeholders, SnowSports Industries America says it hopes to expand its equipment recycling program with new locations in Boise, Reno, Albuquerque and Phoenix.

The grant funds were recently used to purchase additional equipment needed for the six-step process of separating, reducing down and re-purposing the collected equipment into a material used in construction, landscaping, furniture and fixtures.

SIA created the Snow Sports Recycling Program looking to reduce environmental impact, conserve natural resources and encourage sustainable design within the snow sports industry.  Plus, there’s an added incentive for snow sports retailers — approximately 67 percent of consumers dropping off equipment make some form of purchase, giving retailers a good reason to get involved. Continue reading “Ski gear recycling program to expand”


Skiing: Sandy dampens early season gear sales

Uncertain snow, looming fiscal cliff make for shaky retail outlook

Hurricane Sandy had a huge impact on early season ski gear sales. NASA Photo.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Coming on the same day that NOAA announced that 2012 will most likely the warmest year ever in the U.S. and a study describing the cost of global warming to the ski industry, another report suggests that the climate disruption from Hurricane Sandy was a factor in an early season sales decline.

SnowSports Industries America announced that sales for the August through October period were down 2 percent compared to last year. For October alone, sales declined 5 percent from 2011.

Sales of snowsports-related gear totaled $616 million, the retail trade group said, acknowledging that Hurricane Sandy caused significant disrutopns in the South and Northeast. Uncertainty in the face of the fiscal cliff, and lack of momentum from the snow-challenged 2011-2012 season presented additional challenges.

In late October, Hurricane Sandy disrupted lives and retail sales with blizzard conditions, severe flooding and wind damage to much of the Eastern Seaboard. In the South and Northeast regions retail was shut down for days. Continue reading “Skiing: Sandy dampens early season gear sales”

Winter sports gear sales down from last year

Sales of backcountry related gear grew significantly, according to figures released by SnowSports Industries America.

Dry start to season hits retailers, but backcountry gear sales still going strong

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — A warm and dry early winter hurt sales of winter sports gear, but not as badly as some retailers might have expected, according to figures released by SnowSports Industries America.

Most variance in snow sports sales can be directly attributed to weather, according to SIA, which pointed out in a press release that snow cover across the country was down more than 50 percent from December 2010.

Sales through December reached $2.2 billion, about 2 percent below last season’s record sale, but that total still surpassed the numbers from the the previous two seasons. Continue reading “Winter sports gear sales down from last year”

Skiing: Backcountry gear sales double from last year

Snowsports retail sales on pace for new record

Good snow and a recovering economy are driving snowsports retail sales to new records this season.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Along with skier visits, the industry’s retail sector also appears to be making a nice recovery from the recession, with total sales in January exceeding $500 million for a new monthly record, according to a press release from Snowsports Industries America.

That followed sales of more than $1 billion in December for a season-to-date total of $2.6 billion, 16 percent more than last season. The West led the way, with sales were up 31 percent in equipment dollars sold, 17 percent in apparel and 19 percent in accessories sales.

One of the biggest growth sectors was in the realm of backcountry gear, and more specifically, alpine-touring set-ups, where sales for the year-to-date grew an astounding 102 percent from the previous season. Sales of crosscountry and telemark gear also climbed.

There was also less discounting this year, helping retailers boost revenue.  Alpine equipment sales are up 25 percent in dollars and 14 percent in units sold season-to-date. And the fat-ski boom continues, with sales of alpine boards with waists wider than 80 mm up a solid 50 percent. Continue reading “Skiing: Backcountry gear sales double from last year”