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Sunday travel anthology

Calderas, Corfu and … cream cheese?

Sunrise over the Danube River. bberwyn photo.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — In between fretting about Colorado River flows and reporting on the travails of endangered lynx and sage-grouse, it’s good to get out and see the world. It helps look at issues in a global context — and so many issues these days are global. Of course, not every story is environmental. Sometimes, travel comes down to the simple task of trying to find a Frisbee in Rome … Travel: Around the world with a Frisbee.

Searching for roots can give travel great meaning, and if it involves a bit of Cold War cloak and dagger and European history, so much the better … Travel: Cold War memories along the Danube.

Leigh Wadden at the edge of the Wadden Sea, Texel Island, The Netherlands. bberwyn photo.

Or, you can search for the roots of your family name, perhaps linked somehow with one of the world’s great estuarine wetlands, inhabited by talking bumblebees … Travel: Mystery meat and talking bees on Texel.

Travel doesn’t necessarily require a passport. There are plenty of adventures to be had within a few hundred miles of anywhere, especially when you set out for the remote hinterlands north of the Grand Canyon with what you know is sketchy starter in your engine … Travel: Karma and climate change in the Southwest.

Little things can be the most memorable, like buying a big box of blueberries from a roadside vendor at a dusty, nowhere crossroads in Slovenia, then eating on the train while watching a blazing Adriatic sunset … A Balkan sampler: Blueberries and mopeds in Slovenia.

The lure of far-away places can reward with the unexpected. When you miss the ferry in Corfu — twice — you get to know a place a little better … Travel photo essay: World Heritage preserved in Albania.

And there’s probably nothing better than introducing your kids to the wonders of the world with a trip focused around one of the planet’s greatest sporting events … Travel: Father and son with World Cup fever.


Morning photo: Architecture


All of Old Town Corfu nas been designated as a world heritage site in large part for its architecture.
All of Old Town Corfu nas been designated as a world heritage site in large part for its architecture.

FRISCO — Another fun theme for my favorite Twitter chat this week, as travelers and photographers from around the world are sharing images focusing on architecture. Starting off my #FriFotos post with a couple of pictures of arches seems appropriate, since arches have been, well, a keystone of architecture ever since people started laying one stone atop another. Join in the fun by uploading some pics with the #FriFotos hashtag — it should be a good one!

An arched opening in a thick stone wall in Hallstatt, Austria provides cover from a summer thunderstorm.
An arched opening in a thick stone wall in Hallstatt, Austria provides cover from a summer thunderstorm.

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Morning photo: Horizons

Ever onward …

The horizon over Dillon Reservoir is sandwiched by clouds.

FRISCO — Most of us know how important it can be to have strong lines in an image to help guide the eye toward the subject. But often, the most common line — the horizon — is the focal point of an image. Our eyes are automatically drawn toward that distant threshold, beyond which is, well, the rest of the world. Horizons in the theme of this week’s #FriFotos Twitter chat, with wonderful images streaming in from all corners of the globe. Join the fun by uploading your own pics and tagging them with #FriFotos.

Sunlit icebergs gleam on the horizon in the Antarctic Sound.
Distant icebergs float on the horizon in the Antarctic Sound.

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Morning photo: Views

From St. Louis to Antarctica …

Gateway Arch
View from the top of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

FRISCO —This week’s edition of the popular Twitter chat #FriFotos is all about views, so I combed the archives for some my favorites, both near and far. As a photographer, I’m always looking for views, or for an opportunity to make a view. Sometimes, all it takes is a few steps in one direction or another; other times, it requires a total reset, unless you don’t mind a bunch of powerlines interfering with the vista. As always, I’m looking forward to seeing views from around the world. Join in the fun by picking your own favorite views, tagging them with the #FriFotos hashtag and uploading to Twitter via your favorite channel.

Grand Mesa Colorado.
A grand view of the Grand Mesa from the Grand Valley, near Grand Junction, Colorado.

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Morning photo: Slovenia

Exploring a corner of the Balkans

Looking straight down to where the Reka River pours out of the Slovenian karst plateau after coursing through the Škocjan Caves, a little-known world heritage site in the upper Balkan Peninsula. Click on the photo for more information about the caves.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Slovenia may not be the biggest country in Europe, but it has a lot to offer, from alpine vistas and world heritage caves, to a tiny sliver of Adriatic coastline that is a melting pot of Venetian and Balkan culture — all within a few hours of major European capitals. Continue reading “Morning photo: Slovenia”

Morning photo: Townscapes

Around the world with Summit Voice

Old Town Corfu, a world heritage district.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I often view cities and towns merely as portals to the countryside beyond, but some towns have a distinctively pleasant aura, inviting travelers to linger and explore. Some are well-known tourist havens, others are obscure settlements that just happen to be at a rail crossroads. Here are a few recent favorites from the Summit Voice travel archives.

The old town square in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Morning photo: Yellow

Warm and sunny …

Sweet yellow in the cool dark green shadows of a Colorado spruce-fir forest.

SUMMIT COUNTY — For the first time in a few weeks, I managed to put together a short photo essay for the popular #FriFotos Twitter chat, this week themed “yellow.” It wasn’t all that hard to find some decent images. Even scrolling through my archives at high speed, shots with a splotch of the bright color easily caught my eye. Many of my shots are wildflower images, not surprising given the wealth of flora here in the Colorado high country. But I was also able to dig out a few other fun shots that show a spot of yellow can really make an image. Find your own yellow-themed pics and join in the fun by posting them to Twitter with the #FriFotos hashtag. Continue reading “Morning photo: Yellow”