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Morning photo: Cityscapes

Storybook towns …

A rainy night in downtown Corfu. Click on the photo to read about this colorful Greek Island, where the proto-traveler, Odysseus, nearly drowned, then drifted ashore with the help of Athena, and woke to the laughter of princess Nausica and her friends. King Alcinous gave him a boat to help him return to Ithaka. But Poseidon was angry at the Phaceans for helping Odysseus, so during the return voyage, he turned their boat to stone. Corfu also was a stop for Jason and the Argonauts. They narrowly avoided being trapped by the call of the Sirens, as Jason ordered Orpheus to sing for his crew so they could row the ship to safety. On Corfu, Jason married Medea, and they spent their wedding night in a cave, sleeping on the Golden Fleece. But the honeymoon turned stormy, when a tidal wave swept the Argo into the sands of North Africa.

SUMMIT COUNTY β€”Although most of my photography focuses on nature and landscapes, the Summit Voice travel files feature a decent selection of urban images, including rooftop scenes from the Balkans, and street food vendors in Boulder. So when the #FriFotos Twitter chat topic turned to “City Life,” I dusted off a few of those shots. Click here to check out a Paper.li compilation of the photos. Continue reading “Morning photo: Cityscapes”


Morning photo: Random travel moments

Always keep an eye on the horizon

On the beach. Click on the image to read about the World Heritage dunes, as well as the mystery meat and talking bumblebees of Texel Island. PHOTO BY LEIGH WADDEN.

SUMMIT COUNTY β€” I know, it seems random, but sometimes, that’s what travel is β€” a series of random moments, linked together in a journey through space and time. Kind of like life, if you think about it. Following are a few more random scenes captured as Leigh and I rambled through Europe on trains, ferries, buses and on foot. Some of the photos link to specific stories, and others are, well, just … random, but you can always visit the Summit Voice travel section to get inspired for your next journey. If you have a random travel photo, or even an photo essay with a theme, that you’d like to share, send it to bberwyn@comcast.net. Continue reading “Morning photo: Random travel moments”

Morning photo: Feast!

Classic breakfast … in Slovakia

If you're reading this before breakfast, it should whet your appetite for a classic fried egg feast. This one was served aboard a floating 'Boatel' in the Danube River in Bratislava, Slovakia. Click on the image to read more.

SUMMIT COUNTY β€” This edition of the morning photoblog is meant to make you hungry and inspire you to travel. That’s not saying that food doesn’t taste good wherever you are, but there’s something about trying a new meal in a new place that really makes it all click. Check out the rest by clicking the “read more” button. Continue reading “Morning photo: Feast!”