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Most viewed stories, week in review

A story about skijoring with dogs was the most-viewed story at Summit Voice last week. PHOTO BY ED KOSMICKI.

Skijoring, avalanches, snow sculpting and more at Summit Voice …

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY —A fun story on the Feb. 5 skijoring workshop at the Breckenridge Gold Run Nordic Center quickly jumped to the top of the charts in just a day, thanks to some social media help from Breckenridge Ski Area’s Twitter feed.

The story on the near-miss avalanche at Vail Pass also picked up several hundred page views in just a few days, as did the report on a proposed law (now dead) that would have reduced liability for mountain bike guides and venues, while the Randomness photoblog ranked fourth and video post by Jenney on the 11th hour snow sculpting activities rounded out the top five in the running total tally.

On the state level, we covered the launch of a new organization seeking to win public support for civil union legislation: Colorado: Civil unions bill to be introduced.

An important national story covered the establishment of a new scientific integrity policy at the Department of Interior, which has taken flak for the way it handled oil drilling studies and permits, and for its previous mismanagement of the endangered species program: Interior Dept. adopts new scientific integrity policy.

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Breckenridge skijoring workshop — fun for dogs and people

Agnes, Linus and Louisa Morrisey team up for a skijoring session. PHOTO BY ED KOSMICKI. Click on the photo to visit Kosmicki's website.

Workshop focuses on teamwork between skiers and their canine companions

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — There’s no question that skiing (and riding) is the number one winter activity in Summit County, and getting out into the fluff with your dog ranks right up there. But sadly, local vets say that injuries to dogs from sharp metal edges are common in the winter, and some of those injuries can be very serious, severing critical tendons and leading to costly treatment and lengthy rehab.

One way to avoid that is to learn the proper technique for skijoring — cross-country skiing while attached to your dog with a waist harness. The Gold Run Nordic Center is offering a two-hour class this Saturday, Feb. 5 ( $55, 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.) led by certified dog trainer and PSIA instructor Louisa Morrisey, who focuses on the teamwork aspect between humans and their canine companions.

Click here to visit Morrisey’s website, which is chock full of information on skijoring with dogs, including some basic FAQs and even videos of previous sessions.

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