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Blue River loses gold medal trout stream designation

Low flows, habitat destruction degrade fishery

Summit County Colorado photography
Sunrise along the Blue River in Summit County, Colorado. @bberwyn photo.
Biologists and volunteers count trout in the Blue River just below Dillon Reservoir and the Dillon Dam. @bberwyn photo.

Staff Report

Colorado’s continued unsustainable use water has taken a toll on trout in the Blue River, where Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists have decided to remove the gold medal designation from a 19-mile reach stretching from just north of Silverthorne to Green Mountain Reservoir.

According to CPW aquatic biologist Jon Ewert, unnatural stream flows, sparse aquatic invertebrate populations, low nutrient content and degraded habitat all contributed to the decline of the fishery. The agency said that stretch of the river hasn’t met the Gold Medal standard for about 15 years.

There’s better news farther downstream, where CPW designated a 24-mile reach of the Colorado River, from Canyon Creek, at the mouth of Gore Canyon, to the confluence of Rock Creek, near the town of McCoy, as a new gold medal fishery. In Colorado, Gold Medal status is reserved for state waters that produce a minimum of 60-pounds of trout per acre and 12 trout measuring 14-inches or longer per acre. Continue reading “Blue River loses gold medal trout stream designation”


Summit County: Accidental moose killings increase

Wildlife managers seeking info on a hunter who have illegally killed a bull moose near Silverthorne in late October

Moose in Colorado
A moose cow and two calfs near Berthoud Pass, Colorado. PHOTO BY BOB BERWYN.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —Accidental and illegal moose kills are on the rise in northwest Colorado, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers, who say they’ve investigated nine possible accidental moose kills, with seven of these incidents remaining unsolved to date.

In the latest incident, wildlife managers are asking the public for assistance in locating a hunter who may have illegally killed a bull moose near Silverthorne on Oct. 22.

Several people hiking along the Gore Range and Rock Creek/Pebble Creek Trail, about seven miles north of Silverthorne, reported that they encountered a hunter who told them he had shot a bull moose by mistake, but the individual has yet to report the incident to wildlife officers. Continue reading “Summit County: Accidental moose killings increase”

Morning photo: Celebrating Summit County

Summit County Real Estate Agent Henry Barr
Summit County Real Estate Agent

High country splendor

Dawn lights up the summits of the Gore Range above Dillon and Silverthorne, Colorado.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Searching the Summit Voice archives for potential 2012 calendar pictures, I created a folder with pictures of all the towns in Summit County. I don’t usually set out specifically to capture images of towns, but during the past couple of years, I have compiled a few decent shots showing the setting and the vibe of Frisco, Dillon, Breckenridge and Silverthorne — each with its own backdrop and character.

I often drive past the classic Breckenridge scene on my way to old courthouse to cover county commissioner meetings.

Thanks to Summit County real estate agent Henry Barr for sponsoring today’s photo essay. You can click here to connect with Barr’s Facebook page. Continue reading “Morning photo: Celebrating Summit County”

Adopt an Angel in Summit County, Colorado

Emergency service agencies team up to provide gifts

Helping hands in Summit County provide gifts for children. Click on the image to learn more.

By Summit Voice

It’s time again for the Adopt an Angel program. The emergency service agencies in Summit County created Adopt an Angel to serve families who cannot provide gifts for their children this holiday season. All gifts have been donated by families and businesses around the local community. Your gift or donation will help a family in need.

How can you help? You can choose a gift for a child in need and return, unwrapped to your police agency. You can provide a monetary donation so “Santa’s helpers” can shop for a child in need. Or, you can volunteer to help out on December 16,  when we’ll transform the Silverthorne Pavilion into a giant toy factory.

Adopt an Angel is also hosting an online art gallery, where parents can submit their children’s holiday artwork for display on the internet.  We have a quick and easy upload process for scanned images.  Even if you’re not submitting anything though, check out the drawings already on site.  They’re fun and festive.

For more information or to see the kids’ art gallery, please visit our website:  www.SummitAngel.org You can also “like” us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/summitangel. If you’d like to speak directly with us, you may also call the Silverthorne Police Department at (970) 262-7320.

Summit Unchained: Keeping it local!

More than a 100 local businesses are participating in this year's Summit Unchained campaign to help promote local spending. Click on the logo to learn more and find particpating businesses.

Shopping ‘punch card’ helps track economic impact — and could earn a $5,000 prize

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — For the third year in a row, local business are joining forces for the Summit Unchained challenge, with the goal of encouraging shoppers to keep their dollars in the local community. The Summit Independent Business Alliance is leading the charge once again, but countless hours by volunteer members make it all happen.

“People love feeling good about their purchasing decisions. And particularly over the holidays and considering the tough financial times, the decision to choose local has an extremely positive trickle-down effect on those who live and experience Summit County every day,” said SIBA director Katie Roberts. “The local business with more in its register has more to give back to others in our community.”

Click here to learn more and find the complete list of participating merchants. Continue reading “Summit Unchained: Keeping it local!”

Silverthorne sued over Lowe’s approval

Along with a lawsuit over procedural issues, the Lowe's proposal in Silverthorne is also facing unanswered questions from state geologists, who recommended against approving the development until the questions are answered. This photo shows a soil profile at the site, which could be prone to landslides.

Town erred by classifying Lowe’s as a hardware store, lawsuit claims

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Silverthorne is facing a lawsuit over its decision to classify Lowe’s as a hardware store even though only about five percent of the company’s sales come from the hardware category. The complaint was filed in district court Thursday, said attorney Rob Waterman, who is representing four Silverthorne-area residents who believe the development will affect use and enjoyment of their property.

Waterman said the town abused its discretion by randomly choosing the hardware category, which confers a use-by-right in the town’s light industrial zone. Under a different category — lumber and building supplies, for example, the development rights are conditional, meaning the town can require more concessions from a developer, which would have given the town a stronger bargaining position in its negotiations with Lowe’s. Continue reading “Silverthorne sued over Lowe’s approval”

Silverthorne: Conflict of interest questions boiling up

Town manager says council members — not staff — initiated talks about a potential conflict of interest on a pending development application for Lowe’s, while  a second council member said he was also approached in private about the issue

The Silverthorne Town Council Wednesday will discuss plans for a proposed Lowe's store. A vote on the issue will be preceded by a conflict of interest discussion.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A discussion about potential conflict of interest issues will precede Wednesday’s vote on a site plan approval for a proposed Lowe’s store in Silverthorne, as elected officials in the town grapple with the contentious issue.

Two council members, Dave Anderson and Dave Preuss, said they were approached by other council members, who raised questions about conflict of interest and suggested that they should recuse themselves from voting on the development application.

Anderson is a part-owner of Neils Lunceford, a landscaping business in town, and Preuss is a cabinet-maker whose business would also face competition from the discount big retailer.

During the weekend, Anderson said he’s willing to give up his vote, but charged that town manager Kevin Batchelder and town attorney Jerry Dahl were involved in starting the discussions about conflict of interest, but Tuesday, Batchelder denied those incendiary claims.

“I’m upset and concerned about those untrue allegations … They’re not true and not consistent with the facts,” Batchelder said, adding that Anderson’s charges could be damaging to his professional reputation. Continue reading “Silverthorne: Conflict of interest questions boiling up”