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Not a good week for Florida panthers

Florida panther. Photo courtesy Mark Lotz, Florida Fish and Wildlife via the Creative Commons.

Three endangered cats killed by cars within seven days

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Last week was not a good one for Florida panthers, as three of the endangered cats were killed by vehicles on southern Florida roads. Total documented panther deaths for the year now stand at 19, getting close to the record 24 mortalities tallied in 2011.

One was a mature (2.5 year-old) radio-collared female; another was a juvenile (three-month old) un-collared female and the third was a one-year-old un-collared male. Continue reading “Not a good week for Florida panthers”


Colorado: I-70 wildlife website a success so far

Biologists, transportation managers aim to reduce collisions with better data

A fox wanders alongside a road near the I-70 exchange in Silverthorne, Colorado. PHOTO BY DYLAN BERWYN.

By Summit Voice

A billboard along I-70 reminds travelers to report roadside wildlife sightings to the wildlife watch website. See a slideshow of animals along I-70 at the end of this story.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Motorists along I-70 have reported more than 400 sightings of deer, bighorn sheep and elk near the highway in the past year, helping wildlife biologists identify locations on the interstate where animals are most frequently trying to cross.

About a year ago, a coalition of groups launched  I-70WildlifeWatch.org to make it easy for travelers to report wildlife sightings online, and ultimately, to reduce the number of costly and dangerous wildlife collisions.

November and December are the months with the highest rate of wildlife-vehicle collisions in Colorado. When seasonal migrations and high volume traffic coincide, as will start to happen as the ski season begins and holiday travel increases, it’s particularly important for people to keep an eye out for wildlife. Continue reading “Colorado: I-70 wildlife website a success so far”