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Lindstrom: Reapportionment happens — Deal with it.

Opinion: Where will Summit County end up?

Colorado's political map will shift a bit with the latest reapportionment and redistricting efforts. Click on the map to visit the state website.

Editor’s note: The Colorado Supreme Court heard arguments on Colorado’s reapportionment last week. Read this Denver Post story for details.

By Gary Lindstrom

I love getting into discussions with people who believe they understand democracy and our United States Constitution. These people love to tell me that something is not constitutional or not contained in the Constitution. When I show them that it is constitutional and point it out in the constitution, and then they loudly tell me that they are going to make sure that gets changed.

They yell that our founding fathers were obviously insane or drunk when they included such things. They then tell me that they are going to make sure that a national constitutional convention will be held and we will throw out our more than 200-year-old document which proclaims liberty for all.

I always tell them, “Good luck,” because there will never be a constitutional convention and that the required number of members of congress or the number of states to make it happen will never occur. Our country was founded on revolution and dissent and it continues today. Continue reading “Lindstrom: Reapportionment happens — Deal with it.”