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Morning photo: Fishing!

Licenses for the 2012-2012 season on sale; state fishery experts warn against ‘bucket biology’

Fishing in glassy water at a "hidden" cove along the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Early spring weather might not be the best thing for skiers looking to extend the season, but it could be good news for Colorado anglers looking to get early access to high country lakes and streams.

And with the 2o12-2012 license year just a few weeks away, it could be a good time to make sure you’re ready by buying or renewing your license. The latest fishing brochure, with regulations and other info, is also available where licenses are sold and online at http://www.flipseekpubs.com/publication/?i=99616.

Memorial Day fishing at the Dillon Marina.

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Colorado: Lake John reclamation complete

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has completed a restoration project at a popular fishing hole.

Thousands of rainbows and cutthroats stocked

By Summit Voice

Colorado Parks and Wildlife has completed a reclamation project at Lake John, setting the stage for a rejuvenated fishery that will be open for angling in early September. Lake John is located northwest of Walden along CO Road 7A.

“The success we have had with the reclamation is like a reset button for Lake John,” said Kurt Davies, aquatic biologist for the northeast region. “The lake will be back online by the first week of September and back to growing fish at its maximum potential. The fish we are planting now will see tremendous growth before the lake is even iced up and with the large brood fish we are putting in there, there’s the possibility someone will hook into a real trophy.” Continue reading “Colorado: Lake John reclamation complete”

Genetic research shows steelhead, trout links

healthy steelhead runs in Northwest depend on rainbow trout productivity

New research shows that a steelhead, such as the large fish in this image, is just one of the options for steelhead reproduction, along with other fish such as rainbow trout. (Photo by John McMillan)

By David Stauth

SUMMIT COUNTY — Genetic research is showing that healthy steelhead runs in Pacific Northwest streams can depend heavily on the productivity of their stay-at-home counterparts, rainbow trout.

Steelhead and rainbow trout look different, grow differently, and one heads off to sea while the other never leaves home. But the life histories and reproductive health of wild trout and steelhead are tightly linked and interdependent, more so than has been appreciated, a new Oregon State University study concludes.

The research could raise new challenges for fishery managers to pay equally close attention to the health, stability and habitat of wild rainbow trout, the researchers say, because healthy steelhead populations may require healthy trout populations. Continue reading “Genetic research shows steelhead, trout links”

Video: Searching for rainbows in the Blue River

After whirling disease, new strain of trout gaining a foothold

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY, COLO. An electroshock fish count early Tuesday in the Blue River near Silverthorne yielded plump browns up to 15 inches long, along with a slew of sleek young rainbows ranging between about four and eight inches.

The rainbows are a hybrid of rainbows from the Colorado River and a whirling disease-resistant Hofer strain. They were stocked in the same reach of the Blue River — the Gold Medal catch and release waters just below Dillon Dam — as fry a couple of years ago and many have grown several inches to catchable size since then.

About halfway through the session, the catch was running about 50-50 browns and rainbows — a hopeful sign that rainbow trout could be establishing themselves along with the hungry browns. Continue reading “Video: Searching for rainbows in the Blue River”

Fishing with kids in Summit County, Colorado

Dylan casts into a ‘secret spot’ in one of the many coves along the shore of Dillon Reservoir.

The lure of catching dinner is strong enough to tear kids away from their PlayStations and video games

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Getting kids outside in the age of the internet, Wii, PlayStations and Xboxes isn’t always the easiest thing, even on beautiful high country summer days, when sapphire dragonflies hover over the water and red-wing blackbirds trill from willow branches. But for some reason, perhaps that primal instinct to hunt and gather food for winter, fishing seems to do the job. Once they’ve landed that first splashy rainbow trout, most kids are hooked — and that’s a good thing. Continue reading “Fishing with kids in Summit County, Colorado”