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Crowdfunding campaign to help with reef conservation

Legal protection sought for rare double-barrier reef. Photo courtesy NOAA.

Project to highlight threats, conservation opportunities at the Philippines Danajon Bank

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Online crowdfunding will be a big part of a new international effort to draw attention to a rare double-barrier reef in the Philippines, where an international team of scientists and nature photographers will team up to advocate for legal protection for the Danajon Bank.

“Not many people have heard of Danajon Bank. We plan to change that,” said Prof. Amanda Vincent, director of Project Seahorse, a University of British Columbia Zoological Society of London initiative. “Crowdfunding is a fantastic way to raise funds and inspire the public to take ownership of issues such as marine conservation, so we thought: why not start there?” she said. Continue reading “Crowdfunding campaign to help with reef conservation”