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Climate: Study finds plant ’emissions’ counteract small percentage of global warming

Plant-based aerosols seen as factor in global warming puzzle. Bob Berwyn photo.

Regional effects of plant-based aerosol formation could be significant

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — A warmer climate will spur plants to release more gases that help form clouds, counteracting about 1 percent of effect of heat-trapping greenhouse gases, according to research by IIASA and the University of Helsinki.

On a regional scale, the effect is more significant, the scientists concluded, finding that in places like Finland, Siberia, and Canada, the negative feedback loop could counteract  up to 30 percent of warming in more rural, forested areas where anthropogenic emissions of aerosols were much lower in comparison to the natural aerosols. Continue reading “Climate: Study finds plant ’emissions’ counteract small percentage of global warming”