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Colorado: Native minnows return to the Arkansas River

10 years of research by state biologists helps set stage for restoration

The plains minnow hasn't been seen in its native Arkansas River habitat since the 1960s.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Along with restoring charismatic megafauna like lynx, Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists have also focused attention on the state’s aquatic habitats. In one of the most recent success stories, they’ve been able to bolster populations of rare, native minnows in the Arkansas River, after some pioneering research by the John Mumma Native Aquatic Species Restoration Facility in Alamosa.

Plains minnows (Hybognathus placitus) and suckermouth minnows (Phenacobius mirabilis) are on the Colorado threatened and endangered list.The plains minnow hasn’t been seen in the Arkansas River since the 1960s. Continue reading “Colorado: Native minnows return to the Arkansas River”