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Breckenridge voters approve new lift ticket tax

Morning alpenglow paints the summit of Breckenridge Ski Area.
Starting next season, some skiers and snowboarders will be paying an extra 4.5 percent on their lift tickets (season passes excluded) to help pay for needed transportation and parking infrastructure. @bberwyn photo.

New revenue to fund transportation improvements

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The turnout wasn’t exactly overwhelming, but those Breckenridge voters who did bother to cast a ballot Tuesday overwhelmingly voted in favor of a ballot measure  authorizing a 4.5 percent lift ticket tax.

The preliminary tally shows 917 votes in favor of ballot measure 2A, with just 185 no votes. The new tax is aimed at funding long-term funding for parking and transit solutions in the jam-packed tourist town. Continue reading “Breckenridge voters approve new lift ticket tax”


Breck, Vail Resorts squabble over parking

Spring season extended at Breckenridge Ski Area. PHOTO COURTESY VAIL RESORTS/JACK AFFLECK.

Lift-ticket tax proposal stirs up bad blood

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FRISCO — The long-running love-hate soap opera between Breckenridge and Vail Resorts took a nasty turn this week, as town officials vowed to forge ahead with putting an admissions (lift-ticket) tax on the November ballot, while the resort company questioned the town’s legal authority to do so.

At issue, according to Breckenridge, is an urgent need to address parking and transit issues — something the town should have started addressing 15 years ago. Based on community input, town officials say, the best path forward is to build a parking structure on F-Lot and to boost transit options.

To do that, the town wants to establish a new revenue stream by taxing lift tickets and other for-profit attractions. But Breckenridge and Vail Resorts have apparently failed to find common ground. In a press release, Mayor John Warner said ongoing negotiations have failed, leaving the town no option but to pursue voter approval for a new tax in the fall. Continue reading “Breck, Vail Resorts squabble over parking”

Poll: Breckenridge residents want a parking structure

BMX biking Breckenridge Colorado
A crowd of tourists watches a BMX bike demo in Breckenridge. Colorado.

Voters support new tax to address parking and congestion

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FRISCO — Polling early this summer in Breckenridge appears to confirm what many residents and visitors already know — parking and congestion are serious issues for the Colorado resort town, which in some ways is choking on its own success.

According to the survey, voters want their town leaders to make parking and congestion a top priority, and they think a tax on lift tickets and special events is the way to pay for it. Continue reading “Poll: Breckenridge residents want a parking structure”

Breckenridge aims at parking scofflaws

Resort town to use high-tech monitoring to enforce parking regs

The Breckenridge Police Department will use a new computer system to monitor parking on busy shopping streets.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — After watching local residents and workers trying to skirt downtown parking regulations, the Breckenridge Police Department will start using a  a license plate recognition  system to monitor and enforce time restricted parking.

“For years, we have watched employees play games with our parking enforcement officers; they shuffle their car a few feet or wipe the chalk off the tire in an effort to avoid detection,” said Chief Rick Holman.

“This is not about writing more tickets. Our goal has always been to gain compliance with our time restricted rules. Time-restricted parking spaces need to be available for our guests and should not be used for extended periods by business owners and employees,” he said. Continue reading “Breckenridge aims at parking scofflaws”

Copper Mountain tackles peak-day parking crunch

An expansion of the Corn Lot, east of Highway 91, was delayed slightly, so Copper Mountain will seek permission from the Summit County commissioners to park vehicles along county roads at the resort for one more year.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Copper Mountain Resort will ask the county commissioners for permission to park cars along county roads at the base of the mountain for one more year.

As one of the conditions for a base area redevelopment project, Copper committed to ending the practice of parking cars in county rights-of-way, something the ski area only does on peak days, when all the lots are full.

The expansion of an existing parking area — the Corn Lot, east of Highway 91 — was to have resolved the parking crunch, but the approval and design process for the parking expansion took longer than expected.

Copper now plans to build the new parking area in the spring of 2010, in time for next ski season.

As a general rule, the county discourages parking along roads, based on concerns about access and egress for emergency vehicles, according to Summit County Sheriff John Minor.

But the issue hasn’t been high on the radar screen at Copper, Minor said. There haven’t been any incidents of emergency vehicles being blocked at the resort, he added.

County Commissioner Thomas Davidson said Copper has fulfilled all its other obligations under the development approval so far.

The Corn Lot expansion, on U.S. Forest Service land under permit to the resort, would add several hundred new spots.

The federal agency completed an environmental study and approved the conceptual plan in September 2008, according to Joe Foreman, winter sports ranger with the Dillon Ranger District. But some of the final design and engineering steps are still under review by the agency.

Copper has all the needed approvals from other agencies for the expansion, including the Colorado Department of Transportation, according to spokeswoman Lauren Pelletreau.

“From a timing perspective, the necessary items did not come together. Copper has been working with County Planning staff and is meeting with the BOCC to discuss the delayed expansion of the Corn Lot and the parking guidelines established in the recent PUD amendment,” Pelletreau said.

The county commissioners will discuss the request at their Dec. 7 meeting.