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Climate: Citizen scientists to help transcribe historic ship’s logs

NOAA seeks to add historical data to Arctic climate record

The USS Jeannette’s logs are part of the Old Weather-Arctic project. The ship was entrapped in Arctic sea ice for many months. Only a few sailors and the logbook survived this doomed 1879 Arctic expedition. Photo courtesy U.S. Navy public domain image.
A page from the log book of the US Navy steamer Bear, June 22, 1884. The Bear’s logs are included in the Old Weather-Arctic citizen science project. Photo courtesy National Archives.

By Summit Voice

FRISCO — Weather and history enthusiasts listen up — federal scientists are looking for volunteers to transcribe a newly digitized set of ship logs dating to 1850, a treasure trove of historical data that could help today’s climate researchers paint a more complete pictire of long-term changes.

The ship logs, preserved by NARA, are from U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Revenue Cutter voyages in the Arctic between 1850 and the World War II era. They include detailed and frequent weather observations.

“We hope to unlock millions of weather, sea ice and other environmental observations which are recorded in these documents,” said NOAA Administrator Jane Lubchenco, Ph.D. “These observations represent one of the largest and most underutilized collections of meteorological and marine environmental data in existence. Once converted into digital formats, new analyses of these data will help provide new insights.” Continue reading “Climate: Citizen scientists to help transcribe historic ship’s logs”