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Old Dillon Reservoir completion delayed again

Crews working to replace mile-long pipeline after testing reveals wrong type of pipe was used in construction last summer

The Old Dillon Reservoir in mid-construction, summer, 2012. Bob Berwyn photo.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Local water officials say there’s still enough runoff coming down from the mountains to fill the newly enlarged Old Dillon Reservoir by Aug. 1 — even after an unexpected setback delayed the start of fill.

As engineers started to pressure-test the diversion pipeline late last summer, they discovered that the contractor used the wrong kind of pipe for the job, preventing completion of the project.

“Some of the gaskets would not seal,” said Dillon utilities superintendent Trevor Giles, explaining that crews are currently in the process of replacing the 24-inch-diameter pipe, which runs about 5,000 from the lower Salt Lick Gulch area in Wildernest, beneath I-70  and into the reservoir. Continue reading “Old Dillon Reservoir completion delayed again”


Morning Photo: Lake Hill

A go-to spot

Spring sunrise over Dillon Reservoir.

FRISCO — With all the magnificent, craggy peaks in Summit County, Lake Hill isn’t really all that big of a deal — a small, nondescript bump in the landscape between Frisco and Dillon, marking a local divide of sorts familiar to anyone making the daily commute around Summit County. But even if it’s not the biggest summit around, it does offer some impressive vistas of Dillon Reservoir and the surrounding ranges and, based on my photo archives, a great spot to watch cloud formations develop over the high terrain. I’ve had the pleasure of watching some amazing sunrises and sunsets from the overlook along the trail to Old Dillon Reservoir. It’s become a go-to spot for a quick jaunt when the light is looking promising. Here are a few of the best shots from that location the past few months, dating back to last spring.

We have a great selection of Summit County photos at our online FineArt America gallery. Continue reading “Morning Photo: Lake Hill”

Summit County: Light-on-the-land logging?

Welcome to the Forest Service’s idea of forest ‘restoration’ in a popular recreation area, where there were good signs of regeneration

Heavy duty logging is under way at the Old Dillon Reservoir trailhead in Summit County, Colorado, between Frisco and Dillon.

SUMMIT COUNTY — During an early morning dog-walking session along the Dillon Dam Road, I drove past the Old Dillon Reservoir trailhead and did a quick double-take. After previous thinning and some selective cutting, the Forest Service has apparently decided to go back and finish off what was left of the forest in that area once and for all. Continue reading “Summit County: Light-on-the-land logging?”

Summit County: Summer logging under way

Logging slated in Lake Hill area

Old Dillon Reservoir from atop Lake Hill.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Hikers at the Old Dillon Reservoir Trail will see loggers at work clearing beetle-killed trees from the area. The work is aimed at addressing the effects of the pine beetle epidemic, and the Old Dillon Reservoir Authority is also planning on starting its enlargement project soon.


There may be operations every day during the week. The public should not be surprised to see a lot of truck activity and trees coming down. The trails should not be directly impacted, but people on the trails may see operations.

The public is asked to please stay away from operations.  Please contact the Dillon Ranger Station at 970-468-5400 with any questions.

This work is part of ongoing projects on Dillon Ranger District this summer, including the White River Wildland Urban Interface Stewardship Project (about 1300 acres) and the Keystone Stewardship Project (about 1000 acres). Hazard tree removal on roads and trails will also be occurring throughout the summer.

Joint authority formed to manage Old Dillon Reservoir

A map showing Old Dillon Reservoir in Summit County, Colorado.
A map from a Forest Service environmental study shows the location of Old Dillon Reservoir between the Dillon Dam Road and I-70.

Enlargement could begin in June of July, pending final permits and construction bids

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Local towns and the county are taking another step toward completion of the Old Dillon Reservoir enlargement project with the formation of a joint authority that will own and operate the water storage facility when the project is complete.

Construction on the $7 million project could begin as soon as June or July, but those dates are contingent on getting final permits from state and federal agencies, as well as the bidding process for the work, said county manager Gary Martinez. Still outstanding are the final authorizations from the U.S. Forest Service, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the state health department, he said. Continue reading “Joint authority formed to manage Old Dillon Reservoir”

County to review Old Dillon Reservoir expansion plan

A map from the U.S. Forest Service environmental analysis for the reservoir enlargement details some of plan's elements.

March 9 public hearing set on project to enhance local water storage; FS study showed no significant impacts

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — The county commissioners will review a key local water project next week during a public hearing on the enlargement of Old Dillon Reservoir.

The plan to expand water storage from 62 to 286 acre feet represents one of the biggest projects in the local area this year, both in terms of the construction footprint and by the significant investment of taxpayer dollars. At last estimate, the price tag for the enlargement was about $6.4 million, to be split between local towns and the county.

The March 9 public hearing is a chance for local residents to make comments and ask questions about the enlargement. The BOCC meeting begins at 1:30 p.m. in the county courthouse in Breckenridge.  Continue reading “County to review Old Dillon Reservoir expansion plan”