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Breckenridge Oktoberfest 2011

Bavarian beer fest in the mountains of Colorado


SUMMIT COUNTY — If there was ever a cultural mashup, it would have to be the Breckenridge Oktoberfest, where you can chow down on Asian noodles while drinking keg-fresh Paulaner Oktoberfest beer and listening to authentic Alpine mountain music, all while strolling through a historic Victorian mining district in the heart of the Colorado Rockies. There’s probably no better way to end a high country summer, and if you didn’t make it this year, be sure to mark it on your calendar for 2012. Stay tuned to all the latest happenings in Breckenridge by following @GoBreck on Twitter, or liking the GoBreck Facebook page.

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Frisco Oktoberfest is back, better than ever

Beer, brats, leg wrestling and … grown men in leather shorts and suspenders — what could be better?

Blue skies and a beer tent equals heaven on Earth, at least at Oktoberfest time.

By Bob Berwyn
SUMMIT COUNTY — If there’s anyone in Summit County who has the chops to put on an Oktoberfest, it’s probably Andy Grogger. Along with having worked at one of the famed chicken-grilling emporiums at the real Oktoberfest in Munich, the Austrian-born chef exudes an exuberant portion of Gemütlichkeit, that magical quality of relaxed friendliness that’s probably the main ingredient needed to pull off a successful beer festival.

This year, Grogger is expanding Frisco’s version of the international bash to three days, beginning Friday evening at 6 p.m. with music by the Polkanauts, billed as a polka-meets-death metal band. The event continues Saturday and Sunday (12 p.m. to 10 p.m.) at the Frisco Peninsula Recreation Area (at the Frisco Nordic Center) with live music, leg wrestling, as well as beer-stein-holding and nail-driving contests. Check out the Frisco Oktoberfest Facebook page. Continue reading “Frisco Oktoberfest is back, better than ever”

Oktoberfest, a global touchstone, comes to Frisco

Ein Bayerischer Bierhimmel …

A blue and white Bavarian beer sky greeted revelers Saturday at the Frisco Oktoberfest.

SUMMIT COUNTY — The blue sky and puffy white clouds over Frisco matched the checkered tablecloths at the Frisco Oktoberfest perfectly. It’s so classic, there’s even a German saying for it: Der Bayerische Bierhimmel, loosely translated as the Bavarian beer sky.

And with a spired beer tent mirroring the shapes of the nearby Tenmile Range, and guests sprawled on the green grass nearby, day one of this year’s local edition of the seasonal beer bash also captured some of the feel of the traditional Bavarian beer gardens, where the scene is somewhat less hectic than at the full-blown version in Munich each year. There was music, leg-wrestling, face-painting, along with plenty of schnitzel, roast pork, sauerkraut, apple strudel. Of course, the beer flowed freely, which is a good thing for the Summit Concert Band, which will benefit from the proceeds.

The fun continues Sunday (Sept. 5) at the Frisco Nordic Center, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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