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Opinion: Colorado needs to codify OHV regs with legislation

Colorado lawmakers could help reign in unlawful OHV use by addressing some pressing issues with new laws.

By Tom Reyburn

Off-highway vehicles are a great tool for experiencing Colorado’s outdoors. They provide access to scenic vistas and beautiful forests for thousands of individuals each year and help spur our local economies.

Unfortunately, some folks choose to use OHVs in the wrong way. As the Alpine Ranger for the eastern part of the famous Alpine Triangle, I see firsthand what happens when people misuse OHVs. Every year we have people who choose to drive off designated routes, destroying precious alpine tundra and degrading the experience of the many law abiding OHV users. Continue reading “Opinion: Colorado needs to codify OHV regs with legislation”


Colorado to extend OHV monitoring program

Sharing the trails on Tenderfoot Mountain in Summit County, Colorado.

2011 pilot program resulted in 10,000 contacts with riders in problem areas

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Colorado officials will continue an off-highway vehicle monitoring program that has helped increase compliance with off-road rules in Colorado.

The Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission last week approved $300,000 in funding to extend the pilot program launched last year.

In 201, teams of law enforcement officers from Colorado State Parks, the U.S. Forest Service and the U.S. Bureau of Land Management contacted 10,000 individual riders in problem areas identified by environmental and quiet recreation groups, according to state trails program manager Tom Morrissey. Continue reading “Colorado to extend OHV monitoring program”