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Colorado: Moisture deficit continues in October

Monthly high temps slightly cooler than average

Nov. 1 snow cover across the U.S. is well below average.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — After a long, hot summer, Summit County cooled down in October, to the point that Denver Water’s Dillon-based weather watchers actually tallied an average monthly high temperature that was below the historic average — the first time the average reading has been colder than normal since February 2010.

The average maximum temperature at Dillon was 54.6 degrees, which was 0.7 degrees below the average reading for the site, based on records going back to 1909.

The average daily minimum low temperature (21.3 degrees) was 1.1 degrees above average (20.2), which means that the overall temperature was slightly above average, yet again, in a trend that has mostly persisted for the past 15 years, with only a handful of exceptions. For most of the spring and summer, temperatures at the Dillon site ran between 4 and 6 degrees above average. Continue reading “Colorado: Moisture deficit continues in October”


Colorado: Snowpack near average in north

Central and southern mountains lagging

Northern snowpack near average, central and southern mountains lagging.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — While millions of people in the northeastern part of the U.S. are bracing for Hurricane Sandy, the Colorado high country will see mostly benign weather the next few days, with high pressure building in from the southwest bringing temperatures back to above normal for this time of year under a blocking pattern, with an upper-level ridge over the western Atlantic and deep low over the eastern U.S. Continue reading “Colorado: Snowpack near average in north”