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Study projects huge increase in hurricane damage

Warming oceans will lead to bigger, stronger storms

Hurricane Sandy bearing down on the East Coast in 2012. Satellite image courtesy NOAA.

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As if to underscore a new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office on the costs of global warming, researchers at the University of Vermont this week released a study showing that financial losses from hurricanes could increase more than 70 percent by 2100. Continue reading “Study projects huge increase in hurricane damage”


Global warming means major changes for U.S. fisheries

Warming ocean will drive many commercially important species to new habitats; detailed projections can help  coastal communities adapt

Shrimp boats in the Gulf of Mexico. @bberwyn photo.

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Climate change isn’t just heating the surface of the Earth. It’s also warming deep ocean water, and along the coast of the northeastern U.S. bottom-water temperatures are expected to increase by 6.6 to 9 degrees Celsius by 2100.

That means that commercially important marine species will also continue to shift northward, which is important information for fishermen trying to make living in the region. Just how much and when they will move is the subject of new research published this week in the journal Progress in Oceanography. Continue reading “Global warming means major changes for U.S. fisheries”

Climate study suggests rapid warming ahead for New England coastal waters

A northward shift of the Gulf Stream could warm waters off the New England coast significantly, according to a new NOAA study. Graphic courtesy NASA.
A northward shift of the Gulf Stream could warm waters off the New England coast significantly, according to a new NOAA study. Graphic courtesy NASA.

Temperature surge likely to have dramatic impacts on aquatic life

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There may be more trouble ahead for New England-based fishermen, as a new NOAA study shows that ocean temperatures along the U.S. Northeast Shelf are projected to warm twice as fast as previously projected and almost three times faster than the global average. The findings are based on a complex analysis of several different climate models.

“We looked at four GFDL models and compared their output to ocean observations in the region,” said said Vincent Saba, a NOAA fisheries scientist and lead author of the study.”Prior climate change projections for the region may be far too conservative,” Saba said in NOAA press release. Continue reading “Climate study suggests rapid warming ahead for New England coastal waters”

Climate: Warmest winter ever for northern hemisphere

February 2015 ends up as 2d-warmest for planet Earth

Only a few areas where cooler than average during February 2015.

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FRISCO — A decades-long run of above average temperatures around the globe continues unabated, with last month’s average reading coming in at 1.48 degrees Fahrenheit above the 20th century average. According to the new monthly State of the Climate Report from the NOAA National Climatic Data Center, it was the second-warmest February on record, after 1998.

The winter as a whole (December-February) was the warmest on record for Earth, at 1.42 degrees Fahrenheit above average, and 0.05 degrees above the previous record set in 2007. Read the full NCDC report here. Continue reading “Climate: Warmest winter ever for northern hemisphere”