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Will the GOP roll back Obama-era mining bans?

Attacks on public lands continue

The Grand Canyon. @bberwyn photo.

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After more than a century of reckless mining that created a toxic legacy of pollution, the Obama administration finally started trying to prevent even more destruction by placing a few areas, including watersheds around the Grand Canyon, off-limits.

Even those modest restrictions are apparently too much for the mining industry and the politicians the industry has bought in Washington, D.C. Utah Republican Congressman Rob Bishop wants to reverse some of the mining bans enacted during the Obama era, says the Center for Biological Diversity, citing a letter from Bishop to Sec. Agriculture Sonny Perdue. Continue reading “Will the GOP roll back Obama-era mining bans?”


Op-ed: Obama draws reasonable path in State of Union

President Barack Obama.
President Barack Obama.

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — After listening to President Obama’s speech last night I downloaded the text and read through it twice. The president expressed his willingness to lead on some vexing issues that pose challenges and risks, and extended an ideological hand across the partisan divide that offer a reasonable chance at finding common ground — freezing discretionary public spending for five years could be a huge step toward cutting the deficit, and the president was right-on when he said a shift toward renewable energy could boost the economy.

His call for a free-market path to reducing greenhouse gas emissions elicited some lip-biting by House Speaker John Boehner, but offers a good chance to make meaningful cuts in CO2 pollution, spread across the economy in a way that spurs innovation and adoption of advanced technologies.

On gun control, Obama called on Congress to at least have a thoughtful debate on the scourge of shootings. On this contentious issue, victims have a right to expected elected lawmakers to vote, he said.

Considering what’s at stake economically and environmentally the next few years, Obama’s State of the Union Speech outlined a reasonable path for progress on some key issues, and it would seem that a reasonable majority in the middle of a politically divided country could agree to at least test the president’s cue in the spirit of unity and optimism. Click more to read the full text of the president’s speech.

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Obama: $2 billion for solar power

Solar photovoltaic panels at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada.

Colorado company will also get stimulus funds to expand a Longmont plant and build a new factory in Indiana for production of ‘thin film’ photovoltaic panels

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By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — A still-limping economy and the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico both may have  been factors in President Barack Obama’s recent decision to invest $1.85 billion in solar power.

Under the deal, a Spanish company, Abengoa Solar, has been recruited to build one of the largest electricity producing solar plants near Gila Bend, Arizona. The project is expected to create about 1,600 construction jobs. More than 70 percent of the parts will manufactured in the U.S. By some estimates, the investment will result in overall benefits worth about $1.1 billion to the U.S. economy. The plant will generate about 280 megawatts, enough power for 70,000 homes. Continue reading “Obama: $2 billion for solar power”