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Morning photo: Flashback

Sunshine …

A late November sunset in Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — It feels like it’s been snowing every day for the past month, which is a good thing as far as our water supplies are concerned, but it got me wondering about the last time we had a spell of shirtsleeve weather. Based on the photo archives, it was way back in late November, when Dylan and I went out to shoot some pictures for his freshman photography class. As I recall, the assignment was to create some motion blur and some stop-action, so we played with shutter speeds and apertures and I bored him half to death with stories from the “good old days” of photography. But clearly, from the pictures, you can see that, even in late November it was warm enough to skateboard in a t-shirt. Those days will soon be here again and in the meantime, some hot Summit County pics to warm you up.

Ridin’ Lagoon street.

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Morning photo: Hues of autumn

Shimmering colors …

Standing out on what used to be an island in Dillon Reservoir is a great place look back to the west and see the first rays of sunrise illuminate the Gore Range. This picture was taken with a DSLR, but then I sent it to my iPhone and ran it through an Instagram filter to enhance the dramatic light. Finally, i sent it back to my computer to sharpen the image.

FRISCO — I sometimes think of November as a drab, gray month, possibly because I grew up in central Germany, where November generally was drab and gray. Sometimes, in past years, I’ve dropped the ball on photography in November, at least until it snowed, just because of the general expectation that there wouldn’t be much out there. But this year, I intentionally went out looking to make the best images I could, revisiting spots that had yielded good shots in other seasons, like along the frosty Snake River (it has to be just the right conditions for the thick crystals to form and up to Old Dillon Reservoir, which offers a wide open panorama that’s good at sunrise and sunset.

Many of the images in this slide show are available in our Fine Art America online gallery, and there’s also Summit County gallery at our ImageKind website. You can also order images by contacting me directly at bberwyn@comcast.net.

Ephemeral frost crystals along the Snake River, near Keystone, Colorado.

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Morning photo: Best of November

On the cusp of winter

FRISCO — November ended as it began, with a series of sunsets that were a photographer’s dream. And while I’m ready to start capturing some snowy scenes, in the meantime, I spend some time exploring the ice along local streams, well developed because of the lack of snow cover, which usually acts as an insulating blanket. Absent the snow, the water repeatedly pours over itself, forming wondrous formations — layer cakes of ice with decorative frosting. November also brought a series of scintillating wave clouds, leading to almost unbelievably brilliant dawn and dusk light shows. All in all, a good month for photography.

Many of the images in this slide show are available in our Fine Art America online gallery, and there’s also Summit County gallery at our ImageKind website. You can also order images by contacting me directly at bberwyn@comcast.net.


Morning photo: November light …

Still waiting for snow …

Although Summit County temperatures ran between 4 and 7 degrees above normal in November, it was still plenty cold to freeze up the Snake River.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Just like that, November is but a memory, although avid skiers might rather forget the month as total bust for snowfall, with precipitation only about 20 percent of average, according to weather records maintained by Denver Water officials in Dillon. On the up side, most afternoons were shirtsleeve weather, perfect for hiking or cycling, and many mornings and evenings were filled with wondrous sunsets and sunrises. But it’s also quite concerning watching local streams dry to just a trickle, and reservoir levels go down, down, down. But you have to take the bad with good, and there’s still plenty of time left to catch up on snowfall. Continue reading “Morning photo: November light …”

Morning photo: November daze …

Waiting for snow

Frisco Colorado snow
The autumn-reddened leaves of an Oregon grape stand out against old snow in a shady spot near Frisco, Colorado.

FRISCO — Not much to say about a dry November except that it’s been great to get out and enjoy a few more weeks of hiking on bare ground, and exploring the growing ice formations has also been fun. The snow will come, sooner or later, if, that is, we haven’t totally screwed up our climate with incessant emissions of greenhouse gases. That’s the kind of thing that eventually comes back to bite you in the you-know-what, but I guess we’ve all been pretty lax about the whole thing, thinking that global warming is something that’s going to affect the the planet sometime in the distant future. After this summer, and the start of what looks like it could be another so-so winter, we probably shouldn’t be so sure. Alright, enough ranting, now for some pretty pictures! Continue reading “Morning photo: November daze …”

Morning photo: November calendar pics

A chill is in the air

A November wave cloud hangs low over the Continental Divide.

FRISCO — Winding down to the last couple of months of calendar polls, I was curious to see what I’d find in the November archive. It wasn’t a big snow month, so I wasn’t expecting to see many wintry shots. What I did find were some nice ice abstracts and a few other images that represent that late autumn feeling that the world is gradually freezing up. Please vote in the poll and help us choose the November image for the 2013 Summit Voice calendar.

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Global temps above average in November

Record warmth in Norway and the UK

A global temperature graphic shows the global pattern of above-average temperatures for the year to day.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY —November 2011 will go down in the books at the 12th-warmest on record for planet Earth, continuing a string of months with above average temperatures that goes all the way back t0 1985.

The combined global land and ocean average surface temperature for November 0.81 degrees above the 2oth century average. The global land temperature was 1.10 degrees above average, the 16-warmest on record, while the ocean surface temperature for the month was 0.70 above the historic average, the 12th-warmest on record. Continue reading “Global temps above average in November”