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Colorado water year off to one of the worst starts on record

This year’s snowpack (orange) is lagging behind last winter and hovering close to the all-time record low.

November snowfall pitiful in Summit County

By Bob Berwyn

FRISCO — The first two months (October and November) of the 2013 water year have been among the driest on record in Breckenridge, where weather observer Rick Bly tracks precipitation on a daily basis, adding to a data set that goes back more than 100 years.

Bly tallied just four inches of snowfall in November, only about 20 percent of the 20.9 inches that’s average for the month. That snow melted down to just .26 inches of water, compare to the average 1.5 inches for the month.

The historic average snowfall for October and November combined is about 33 inches. This year Bly has measured just 12 inches, less than about 64 percent below the average. Less than 1 inch of moisture has accumulated for the year to-date. Continue reading “Colorado water year off to one of the worst starts on record”