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Summit Voice: Most viewed stories & weekend headlines

Health, environment and climate in the news

Dillon Reservoir.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A health story about the link between exposure to PCBs and breast cancer was the run-away top story of the week, garnering more than 4,000 page views, followed by a handful of environment and weather stories that each picked up between 650 and 900 views. Click on the headline to read the story and use the share buttons at the end of each post to share the love.

Weekend Headlines:


Mountain news: Jackson Hole pilot sets paragliding record

Headlines and links from Telluride, Aspen and Jackson Hole

Summit County, Colorado.

Aspen: Mixed results on Pro Challenge bike race

The USA Pro Challenge has been touted as a big economic boost for Colorado, with communities vying to host stages for the perceived benefits. In Aspen, it looks like retail sales may have taken a little hit during the day of the race, while restaurants reported booming business, according to the Aspen Daily News.

Some service-oriented businesses were affected by a lack of access, while hotels reported 90 percent occupance and restaurants saw an early rush, with some establishments reported lines on the sidewalk. Read the full story in the Aspen Daily News.

Paper-bag fee challenged in court

A $0.20 fee charged for paper grocery bags in Aspen stores has raised almost $4,000 during its first two months, as the town tries to encourage shoppers to bring reusable bags for their shopping needs — but the bag fee is facing a court challenge, according to the Aspen Daily News.

The plastic bag ban took effect May 1. Under the law, the grocery stores can keep 25 percent of the collected fees (up to $1,000 per month) during the first year to help with the transition, with the town using the rest for education and awareness efforts.

The lawsuit challenging the fee was filed by the Colorado Union of Taxpayers Foundation, which alleges that the fee is actually a tax that violates the Colorado Constitution. The Mountain States Legal Foundation, an ultra-conservative group that opposes environmental and public lands protection, is representing the taxpayer group. Read the full story in the Aspen Daily News. Continue reading “Mountain news: Jackson Hole pilot sets paragliding record”

Summit Voice: Most-viewed and week in review

Fire coverage dominates

A snapshot of Summit Voice page views the past few days shows that visits to the sites peaked on the days that the High Park Fire was burning most intensely.
A map of the High Park Fire created by Summit Voice contributor Mark Newby.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY —Every story in the most-viewed list was related to coverage of the High Park Fire in Larimer County. While we weren’t reporting from the scene fire, we used live feeds of fire briefings, social media and other sources to try and stay on top of what has become Colorado’s most destructive fire in terms of burned homes.

Each story also included multiple links to direct information sources about the fire and those were heavily used, with thousands of outbound hits on those sources. That’s what web journalism is all about.

Additionally, some exceptionally accurate maps of the fire from Summit Voice contributor Mark Newby helped drive traffic. The maps Newby created using public information from government sources were sometimes posted before the official updates from the Forest Service and Larimer County, helping readers understand the progression of the fire.

Unfortunately, federal agencies have cut off public access to some of the important data that enabled Newb and others to create accurate maps. We’ll be following up on that this week.

Summit Voice: Most-viewed and weekend headlines

Climate, solar flares and rogue waves …

Antarctic ice. PHOTO BY BOB BERWYN.
Stats snapshot.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Google News once again played a key role in driving page views to Summit Voice — especially climate stories, but we also got some social media love from slashdot.org, an aggregation site that helped propel a story about the Aran Islands into the second spot on the most-viewed list. Facebook also was significant page-view generator this week. Five of the top eight stories were climate related this week, leading up to the interim climate talks in Bonn, Germany. Click the headline to read, and share the stories via your own social media networks with the links at the end.

Weekend headlines


Summit Voice: Most viewed stories & week in review

Google News, Facebook and Twitter drive traffic

A snapshot of daily Summit Voice page views.
Summit Voice, independent online journalism in Colorado.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY —A new study suggesting that Greenland’s ice cap may not melt as quicky as anticipated quickly raced to the top of the most-viewed story list on the weekend, once again driven by Google News. Both the top stories illustrate an interesting trend (interesting if you’re an online journalism geek, anyway) of peak page views on the weekend, which is not in line with most data showing that web-browsing, especially on news sites, goes down on Saturday and Sunday.

Our second most-viewed story just posted this morning and picked up more than 1,500 page views thanks to a posting on Slashdot.org. Facebook played a bigger role than usual in the weekly count, as a story about wolves in Wyoming was posted and reposted on several Facebook pages. As always, click the headlines to read and share your favorites with the social media buttons at the end of each post.

Colorado to explore possible bid for Winter Olympics

Colorado is getting serious about a bid for the Winter Olympics.

New committee to emphasize health, winter resources and the environment as a basis for hosting the games

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Health care professionals, former Olympic athletes, tourism experts and others have formed a new committee to explore the feasibility of making a bid for the Winter Olympics.

According to a press release, the Denver Exploratory Committee will identify the opportunities and challenges of a bid based on facts gathered by many others who have worked on this issue over a long period.

The committee will examine the financial issues, the feasibility and the economic impact of a potential bid and answer questions about such things as protocol, timing, venue requirements and process. Committee members will then present their findings to Gov. John Hickenlooper and Mayor Michael Hancock. Continue reading “Colorado to explore possible bid for Winter Olympics”

Summit Voice: Weekend headlines

Will the wolf survive?

Global warming stories continue to be widely read

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Holiday weekend or not, we posted a full slate of stories the past few days, including this piece on a new climate study that quickly picked up 5,000 page views:

Global warming: Runaway temperature increase unlikely

Another story revealed that mercury impacts are apparent in Alaskan huskies:

Study: Mercury impacts traced in Alaskan huskies

Here are the rest of the weekend headlines: