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Health: No more NyQuil?

A new sinusitis treatment derived from marine bacteria show promise, according to UK researchers.

Marine enyzme holds promise for sinusitis treatment

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — An enzyme derived from marine bacteria holds promise in treating sinusitis, according to a team of scientists and surgeons from Newcastle, who are developing a new nasal spray that helps break down mucus.

The enyzme is from the Bacillus licheniformis, which scientists had started researching for the purpose of cleaning the hulls of ships. In a paper on the potential new treatment in PLOS ONE, the scientists describe how in many cases of chronic sinusitis the bacteria form a biofilm which can protect them from sprays or antibiotics. Continue reading “Health: No more NyQuil?”


Global warming: Ancient ocean changes are warning signs

Fossil record shows potential for sudden ocean changes as CO2 builds

Oceans could quickly reach a hypoxic tipping point for marine life, according to recent climate change research.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — After studying prehistoric ocean sediments, a team of researchers from Australia and the UK concluded that increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide in the oceans will likely lead to massive die-offs of marine life.

The fossil record pinpoints a mass mortality in the oceans at a time when the Earth was experiencing a greenhouse effect. High levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and rising temperatures depleted oxygen in the oceans and created large-scale changes in a very short time span — within just a few hundred years.

That mass extinction of marine life in the oceans during prehistoric times is a warning that the same could happen again due to high levels of greenhouse gases. Continue reading “Global warming: Ancient ocean changes are warning signs”