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Anyone can be weather observer with the mPING app

Ground-based observations to be compared against satellite data to help improve severe storm forecasting

A new website shows real-time weather observations reported by citizens via the mPING smart phone app.

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — In the age of smart phones, anyone can be a weather oberver, according to NOAA, partnering with the University of Oklahoma to launch a free app for users to anonymously report precipitation from their Apple or Android mobile device.

The mPING app enables users to send weather observations on the go by opening the app, selecting the type of precipitation that is falling and pressing submit. The user’s location and the time of the observation are automatically included in the report. All submissions will become part of a research project called PING – Precipitation Identification Near the Ground.

Researchers with the University of Oklahoma and NOAA’s National Severe Storms Laboratory will use the mPING submissions to build a valuable database of tens of thousands of observations from across the United States. Continue reading “Anyone can be weather observer with the mPING app”