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Morning photo: Rooftops

Up high …

Salzburg in the sun.

FRISCO — I don’t ever really think consciously about getting a picture of a city’s rooftops, but inevitably on our treks, Leigh and I end up at an overlook somewhere — maybe on a hill or in a church steeple — where the city below unfolds like a street map. In some cases, you can see how a town grew organically, near a shallow river crossing, or from a central market place. Other times, you can sense how man imposed his will on the landscape, imposing a strict grid pattern over the contours of the land. I’m a big fan of getting the view from a good vantage point to help explore a new destination, or rediscover familiar territory, so next time you visit a new city, look for the high ground! Continue reading “Morning photo: Rooftops”


Friday Fotos: Evening light

The golden hour …

Close to home — A winter evening in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO —Another great #FriFotos theme that’s right up my alley, because there’s nothing I like better than getting out and about during that magical evening hour when even the most mundane scene can come alive with an otherworldly glow. In fact, shooting in the evening is a bit of an obsession that sometimes means my family doesn’t get dinner until quite late, especially in the summer, when sunset is late to begin with. But Leigh and Dylan tolerate, and even encourage me, which means I’ve had the chance to get some pretty amazing shots. I’m looking forward to seeing evening scenes from around the world streaming on Twitter and Instagram today, and you can join in the fun by uploading your own evening pics and tagging them with #FriFotos — then, sit back and enjoy the show. Continue reading “Friday Fotos: Evening light”

Morning photo: Streetscapes

Urban scenes around the world

Shoppers stop to chat in downtown Corfu on a rainy evening in the Ionian Sea.
Shoppers stop to chat in downtown Corfu on a rainy evening in the Ionian Sea.

FRISCO — Being a mountain-dweller, I often “forget” to take pictures when I’m in a city. Sometimes it’s because I’m just too busy gawking at the — for me — unusual sights. That mode changes when I’m traveling for pleasure, however. Instead of thinking about the next interview with a source, or trying to cook up an interesting story leead, I shift gears and look for those moments or street corners that say something about a city. So choosing pics for this week’s popular #FriFotos Twitter chat was a bit more of a challenge than sometimes. When I first saw the theme, I scratched my head for a minute, unsure of exactly where to look in the archives. But since I often think of cities as transit points or portals to other destinations beyond, I was able to retrace my steps and find a few urban shots. Join the fun — grab your urban shots, upload and tag them with #FriFotos to share with the world. Continue reading “Morning photo: Streetscapes”

Morning photo: Harbor scenes

Sail away …

The harbor in Ushuaia, Argentina. Ours was the smaller, blue-hulled boat, and we were thankful.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — Long before railway stations and airports, intrepid explorers set out on their adventures from seaside cities where the port was the center of commercial, civic and cultural life.

In many coastal towns, harbors are still the hub, with roads and train tracks radiating outward to carry goods to inland destinations. It doesn’t take much in the way of imagination to conjure up exotic destinations when you’re standing at a quay looking at ships flying foreign flags. So it was fun compiling a few of my favorite harbor shots for #FriFotos. Join the fun by uploading your favorite harbor scenes, tagging them with #FriFotos and join in the Twitter conversation.

Dusk falls over the harbor of Cassis, France.

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Photos: Rooftop views …

Vantage point

High above the rooftops of Gjirokastra, Albania. Click for more.

SUMMIT COUNTY — What with uranium milling court decisions, wildfires, global warming and drought here in Colorado, my day-to-day reporting duties have been keeping me quite busy. But I couldn’t resist a quick assemblage of some of my favorite rooftop views for the ever-popular #FriFotos Twitter chat, always a great way to end a busy week. Shout-out to @EpsteinTravels for the weekly dose of inspiration! Continue reading “Photos: Rooftop views …”

Morning photo: Travel

Some not-so-secret spots …

The waterfront of Naples, Italy glitters beneath Mt. Vesuvius.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A couple of days ago I overheard a travel conversation. The topic was Europe and someone made a disparaging comment about Naples being a hotbed of crime and poverty, ending with, “”I’d never want to go there. I immediately though of the last time Leigh and I traveled through the bustling port city on the Italian boot, and how much we enjoyed our short stay, when we explored the waterfront and used public transportation to visit Pompeii. The lesson, of course, is that every city has its good side (and its dark underbelly). Along with oodles of history, Restaurants in Naples dish up some of the best pizza on the planet, thick with black olives and anchovies. Read more about our short Naples sojourn in this Summit Voice story and get some more ideas for planning your summer travel in the rest of today’s photoblog. Continue reading “Morning photo: Travel”

Morning photo: Townscapes

Around the world with Summit Voice

Old Town Corfu, a world heritage district.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I often view cities and towns merely as portals to the countryside beyond, but some towns have a distinctively pleasant aura, inviting travelers to linger and explore. Some are well-known tourist havens, others are obscure settlements that just happen to be at a rail crossroads. Here are a few recent favorites from the Summit Voice travel archives.

The old town square in Frankfurt, Germany.

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