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Summit Voice: Most viewed stories & week in review

Google News, Facebook and Twitter drive traffic

A snapshot of daily Summit Voice page views.
Summit Voice, independent online journalism in Colorado.

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY —A new study suggesting that Greenland’s ice cap may not melt as quicky as anticipated quickly raced to the top of the most-viewed story list on the weekend, once again driven by Google News. Both the top stories illustrate an interesting trend (interesting if you’re an online journalism geek, anyway) of peak page views on the weekend, which is not in line with most data showing that web-browsing, especially on news sites, goes down on Saturday and Sunday.

Our second most-viewed story just posted this morning and picked up more than 1,500 page views thanks to a posting on Slashdot.org. Facebook played a bigger role than usual in the weekly count, as a story about wolves in Wyoming was posted and reposted on several Facebook pages. As always, click the headlines to read and share your favorites with the social media buttons at the end of each post.


Summit Voice: Most-viewed & week in review

Polar bear. USGS PHOTO.

SUMMIT COUNTY — A Summit Voice story on a curious government investigation of a researcher in the Arctic went viral Saturday, picking up more than 30,000 page views in less than 24 hours. The previous single-day page-view record was 11,800 and we’ve been averaging between 3,000 and 4.000 page views the last few months.

The story elicited both  thoughtful and thought-provoking comments as well as the usual crop of spammers and flame artists. It’s well-worth a read since the charges of scientific harassment appear to be supported by a series of documents obtained by PEER, a watchdog and whistle-blower protection group. At issue are potential impacts from offshore drilling  in the Arctic. Since the stakes are so high, it’s not possible discount the role of big oil’s political influence over federal regulatory agencies.

More environmental stories at the top of the list, including a look at the potential for transformative fires in lodgepole pine ecosystems, and a map that shows Colorado as a global warming hotspot. Click the links and use the share buttons at the end of the stories to pass them along on your own social media networks.

Summit Voice: Most-viewed & week in review

Frisco fireworks!

Grizzlies, wildfires and fireworks …

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Coverage of the deadly grizzly bear attack in Yellowstone National Park easily outdistanced all the other Summit Voice stories this week, and Sarah Palin also had a brief moment of glory, as a story on the premier of Palin biopic garnered more than 1,200 views in just one day. After that, stories on the Las Conchas Wildfire and the Montana oil spill were next of the list, while coverage of the Frisco July 4th activities rounded out the most-viewed stories.

Local & state:

Editor’s picks:



Summit Voice: Most-viewed, week in review

Wildfire stories garner wide readership


By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Regional wildfire reports once again were the most-viewed stories at Summit Voice during the past week, as this summer’s fire season continues to break records. So far, fires have burned across about 5 million acres nationwide, with the biggest blazes in Texas, Georgia, Arizona and Florida.

More headlines after the break … Continue reading “Summit Voice: Most-viewed, week in review”

Summit Voice: Most-viewed and week in review

Flood warnings and wildfires dominated the headlines

A wildfire in Keystone Gulch burned to within a few hundred feet of this house on Soda Ridge Road, Summit County, Colorado.

SUMMIT COUNTY — This week’s most-viewed story list is kind of biblical, filled with warnings of floods and reports of wildfires near and far, but it does show that accurately reported and timely news is still one of the ingredients for success. But even though these stories dominated in terms of page views, we posted many other interesting stories this past week, some of which would have easily been in the top three nearly any other week. We’ve recently reported on plans for a new ice rink at Keystone and a zip line at Copper Mountain, and, as usual, offered a full slate of environmental stories. Scroll through the list of headlines and click if one of them catches your eye, then don’t forget to use the share button to spread the word via your own social media networks.

Summit County: Most viewed stories, week in review

Torreys Peak.

Avalanche and wildfire coverage dominated the most-viewed story list this past week and citizen journalism was a big part of local coverage 

By Bob Berwyn

SUMMIT COUNTY — A big week at Summit Voice, with the story of the Torreys Peak avalanche death garnering thousands of views, even though the coverage was a bit delayed. We didn’t post a story until about 18 hours after the avalanche happened. We first heard about the deadly slide via the original social media network — from another parent at a kids soccer game. Wildfire coverage, with links to fire information web sites and fire photo galleries, continue to be of interest to readers, and a story about Sen. Mark Udall’s stand on the Patriot Act quickly picked up several hundred views.

Summit Voice: Most-viewed stories, week in review

The "ice is nice" photoblog picked up more than 1,000 page views this past week.

Antarctic ice, hurricanes and senate politics 

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — For the second week in a row, a photo essay was the most-viewed story on Summit Voice, thanks to some serious social media love from StumbleUpon and Facebook.

The number two story on the list below was posted several months ago but picked up almost 1,000 views in a single day. I wish I could say it’s because it was an awesome story, but that’s not the case. Rather, the story was found by people searching for news about last week’s Colorado Springs standoff.

I’m not really sure why those Google searches led readers to that story, because it’s totally unrelated, but I hope to figure it out. Keep scrolling down to see the local Summit County headlines from the past week, including news about a planned ice rink at Keystone.