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Morning photo: Night shots!

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A rainy night in downtown Corfu.
A rainy night in downtown Corfu.

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Morning photo: Hunter’s moon

Chasing Luna

Moonrise over the Continental Divide in Summit County, Colorado.

FRISCO — Over the years, I’ve managed to get a handful of decent moonrise shots, and I’ve learned that, as often as not, there’s some luck involved. It’s easy enough to figure out when and where the moon will come up, and by now I know that the night just before the full moon is actually the best time, as far as the balance between light and dark. But the best shots, at least without using a filter or without having to do to much post-processing, are when just the right clouds are about to help slightly filter the bright moonlight, balancing it with the surrounding darker sky. I spent about an hour each of the last two evenings trying to get some good shots and this is what I came up with. I’m not totally happy with any of the images, but I sure enjoyed the chase! Continue reading “Morning photo: Hunter’s moon”

When worlds collide: Conjunction of moon and Jupiter

Colorado photographer captures closest alignment until 2026

A 2 a.m. wide-angle view encompasses parts of Silverthorne, the Lower Blue Valley and the Gore Range, with Jupiter showing up as a bright point to the right of the moon, and the red giant star Aldebaran to the left. Aldebaran is one of the brightest stars in the night sky.

Photography by Daniel McVey

SUMMIT COUNTY — The interwebs have been abuzz the last few days about one of the closest conjunctions of the moon and Jupiter in recent years, and last night (Jan. 21) our closest celestial neighbor and the biggest planet in the solar system passed within 1 degree of each other. We’re fortunate to have one of the best young astrophotographers right here in Summit County to capture scenes like this. I’m always psyched when I get an early morning e-mail from Daniel McVey, knowing that I’m about to be treated to a heavenly starlit view. Check out more of McVey’s photography at www.danielmcvey.com and keep up with his work on Facebook. The moon and Jupiter will be close together in the night sky again tonight, so be sure head outside for a quick peek. Continue reading “When worlds collide: Conjunction of moon and Jupiter”

Study: More evidence for ice on the moon

Recent studies suggest there may be a bit of water (frozen) near the moon’s poles. Photo courtesy NASA.

Radars scans suggest shaded polar regions may hold patches of ice

By Summit Voice

SUMMIT COUNTY — Detailed radars scans of a crater near the moon’s South Pole add to the growing evidence that there may be remnants of water frozen as ice in shady cliffs and canyons.

The scans show that much as 5 to 10 percent of material, by weight, could be patchy ice, according to the team of researchers led by Bradley Thomson at Boston University’s Center for Remote Sensing.

The data came fro the Mini-RF radar on NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which did the first orbital radar measurements of Shackleton crater, a high-priority target for future exploration.

The observations indicate an enhanced radar polarization signature, which is consistent with the presence of small amounts of ice in the rough inner wall slopes of the crater. Thomson and his colleagues reported the findings in a paper recently published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. Continue reading “Study: More evidence for ice on the moon”

Colorado: June 4 Partial lunar eclipse

Good old moon!

Earth’s umbra, or shadow, starts to take a bite out of the moon at about 4 a.m.

By Bob Berwyn (additional photos by Daniel McVey)

SUMMIT COUNTY — Another early morning to try and get some shots of the partial lunar eclipse, this time using an older Canon EOS Rebel (the original Rebel, I think) because I happen to have a slightly longer telephoto lens for that camera. It’s not quite as sharp as the lenses of the Nikon, but I was definitely able to pull that lunar orb a bit closer. Visit my Imagekind online gallery for Summit County fine art photographs.

Eclipse watching is a subtle think, I’ve decided, especially after trying to get a glimpse of the recent solar eclipse, but it’s definitely a chance to feel the rhythm of the solar system. In between taking pictures — with the moon setting in the west and the sun coming up in the east — I closed my eyes and tried to imagine all these orbs spinning, circling, orbiting … everything in its place and in perfect harmony. It made me dizzy! See some pictures of the recent solar eclipse here, and photos of the super moon are online here.

Summit County photographer Daniel McVey was also out to capture the scene from the Dillon side of the reservoir. Click on the photo to visit his amazing online gallery and website.

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Skywatchers excited about upcoming ‘super’ full moon

Scientists say the celestial event is not linked with natural disasters

The March 19 moonrise will coincide with the lunar perigee.

SUMMIT COUNTY — Saturday’s moonrise could be quite a treat for skywatchers, as the full moon coincides with the perigee — the closest point in the moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth. According to NASA, the so-called super full moon appears up to 14 percent larger and 30 percent brighter than at other times because it’s about 30,000 miles closer to Earth than at its apogee. Check out some Summit Voice moon photos here …

The last time a full moon was so close to Earth was in 1993, said Geoff Chesler, of the U.S. Naval Observatory in Maryland. The March 19 full moon occurs less than an hour from the exact moment of perigee — a rare coincidence that only happens about every 18 years, Chesler added. Continue reading “Skywatchers excited about upcoming ‘super’ full moon”