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Morning photo: Lunar visions

Full moon hunting …

Our lunar orb, with a somewhat detailed view of mountain, craters and other surface features.

FRISCO — Every month for a couple of days, I head out to try and catch a good moon image or three. Aside from the challenge of shooting the moon, it’s a good excuse to go out somewhere peaceful and just watch as our satellite either climbs away from, or drops toward the horizon.

There’s always a still beauty associated with the full moon phase, and it’s really grounding to feel the rhythm of the sun, the Earth and the moon locked by gravity into their eternal dance. The best time to try and catch a good moonrise shot is the night before the full moon, when it comes up just as the sun is setting, and the best time to catch the moon setting is the day after the full moon, when once again, the moon goes down just as the sun is coming up. That’s when you’re most likely to catch good light balance, which means you can see some of the moon’s features, as well as some color in the foreground. It’s not easy, at least for me, but always worth the try. Continue reading “Morning photo: Lunar visions”


Morning photo: October begins

A photographic potpourri …

The backyard pond.

FRISCO — After a couple of weeks of stalking (in a good way) I finally grabbed a shot of one of the muskrats living in our backyard pond. But it wasn’t until I let my guard down, so to speak. Instead of intently hunting the little aquatic mammal, I was just enjoying the reflections dancing on the water, and taking pictures of random leaves floating by. Suddenly, the critter surfaced just a few feet away, right in front of the lens. I’m not really a wildlife photographer, but in the last couple of weeks, as I set out to try and photograph the local bald eagle and the muskrat, I realized more than ever that patience is one of the key virtues to get good animal shots. Click and scroll to see the muskrat and more early October scenes in Summit County, Colorado. Continue reading “Morning photo: October begins”

Morning Photo: Easter Sunday

Sunrise (and moon set) at the reservoir

The sun rising behind Grays, Torreys and Grizzly Peak made for a pleasant silhouette early Sunday morning.

SUMMIT COUNTY — I was determined to wake up in time to catch a few shots of the post-full moon setting over the Gore Range this weekend, and had ambitious plans to visit a new spot for the occasion. But when I woke up Sunday morning, the moon was already hanging low over Mt. Royal. I skipped coffee, jumped into my jeans and headed to my standby spot along Dillon Dam Road, where I have an idea of what to expect in terms of lighting and reflections. I was hoping for a bit more color in the sky, but it was a gloriously still morning. I would have been happy to be out there, even without a camera. Continue reading “Morning Photo: Easter Sunday”